Friday, July 13, 2012

Christie Takes on Teacher Tenure

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the consummate leader when it comes to character and compromise, at least compared to the current crop of leaders which are floundering in Washington, D.C.

I do not find the compromise bill acceptable which the governor has recently touted.

To deem that a teacher will be fired after two negative reviews is a tired retread going nowhere. True, a superintendent can deem a teacher ineffective, which will then lead to the teacher's dismissal. But the number of appeals remain for the teacher--the evaluation process is just a spring board, and indicating a quicker step for district officials to label a teacher is still not enough.

Of course, every school district on paper has some kind of process outlined which will permit administrator to review, reform, or remove teachers who do not measure up.

The numerous exceptions and power-mongered stalling on the part of teacher's unions hinder the screening process.

Teachers are almost impossible to fire once they receive tenure. The reforms top-down cannot do enough, as long as legislation permits loopholes, challenges, and stumbling blocks.

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