Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Put a Cap on California's Cap and Trade

California's AB-32, Cap and Trade, signed into law in 2006 by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cap and Trade is a job-killer and unemployment-creator which stinks to high heaven. The suspect "greenhouse" gases -- CO2, H2O, methane -- subject to "cap and trade" are common occurring gases which we drink, breathe, and fart.

Yet the state of California has entrusted the California Air Resources Board to managed the presence and proliferation of these graces through the sale of carbon credits, a massive tax which benefits a third-party commodity distributor while hammering businesses and farms which are already hemorrhaging under this bad economy.

When will voters -- white, black and all for the cause of the green -- accept that the government is the last institution which should be entrusted to taking care of the Commons? The environment has fared so well for so long, and technical innovations do far more to end the poison of pollution in our air and water. The environment is a precious resource indeed, but the government's intervention into our lives, into our green, is diminished the pride and protection of the red, white, blue, our right to be left alone and left to our devices to make the most of our place in the commons.

Pollution indeed is a travesty, a harm which no one should endure in our society. Yet Cap and Trade will protect our air and water by driving out every business. There will be no pollution, but there will be no people, either.

Cap and Trade is not the way to go.

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