Monday, July 23, 2012

Paul Ryan as a Viable VP Pick

Political pundits should give Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin more respect as a potential VP Pick.

Congressman Ryan has demonstrated a remarkable capacity to explain difficult realities to his constituents and the voters in this country, employing a comforting, cogent, and consistent matter to communicate controversial concerns.

In Congress, he has twice led the charge to enact serious and crucial reforms to the entitlement programs which are devouring our national coffers while leaving horrendous debt for future Americans. More than any other politician, he has outlined and expressed this country’s frustration with ObamaCare’s broken promises.

Even though his proposals have met stiff opposition, Ryan has never shied away from meeting with the opposition, even within his own party, to outline the steps that need to be taken so that our country does not go over the fiscal cliff.

Hardly daring to imperil grandmas and grandpas, as one petty commercial suggested in a competitive house race in New York, Congressman Ryan’s budget proposals would save the investments that older Americans have already made while offering future taxpayers better options.

Governor Romney should select a running mate who can articulate the difficulties while familiarizing the nation with the overwhelming of our overwrought tax code.

For the next four years, the United States of America will need leaders, both President and Vice President, who understand not only how to manage government, but how to manage the message of less government, more responsibility, and greater freedom. Paul Ryan would be a good VP pick.

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