Monday, July 16, 2012

The Effects of Obama-WaxmanCare in the South Bay

“By affirming the Affordable Care Act, the U.S. Supreme Court has ensured that hard-working Californians from all walks of life will have access to health insurance and health care services,” Benson Forer said. “The impact on our patients is extraordinary: over half of the 25,000 patients we see each year at Venice Family Clinic will have access to Medicaid in 2014." (----The Argonaut News -- July 12, 2012

The operative word is "2014."

I have never read so confounding and distorting of times and tenses in one sentence.

"The impact is extraordinary. . .over half our patients will have access. . ."

How can there be an impact now if the effect do not arise until two years later?

Does the federal government every deliver on anything that it promises? The current administration is pregnant with broken promises which have emerged still-born from Congress and have deadened our economy.

President Obama claimed that American troops would be out of Afghanistan -- we still have troops stationed in Kabul and throughout the tribal-troubled rural areas.

Congressman Henry Waxman, who is running in a new Congressional District which includes Playa del Rey and Santa Monica, claimed that the United States is not broke, even though we are hurting under multi-trillion dollar deficits and a national debt which is spooking investors and discouraging future bond-holders.

President Obama and Congressman Waxman, chief architects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, both claimed that their bill would not raise taxes on the American people.

However, Chief Justice John Roberts upheld the individual mandate only as an extension of Congress' taxing power. Obama-WaxmanCare is now the largest tax increase in American history. This mandate hits middle income tax payers, many of whom are struggling to find or keep their jobs, while the population of impoverished and dependent is growing at a disturbing rate. Do the voters of the Santa Monica Bay want to live in a banana republic where a precious, specious few have money while everyone is poor and dependent on the government?

President Obama and Congressman Waxman claimed that health premiums would go down with the passage of their signature legislation. Rates are going up an average of $2,500.

Obama-WaxmanCare promised that millions of Americans would be allowed to keep their coverage. Millions are about to lose their health insurance once the mandate comes to effect. No matter how many laws and mandates that the federal government passes, state force cannot create the requisite supply to meet the demand of a greater number of insured. For this reason, more carriers are dropping coverage or exiting the insurance market altogether.

Obama-WaxmanCare is unprotecting, unaffordable, and uncaring, a token of the broken promises of our President and a local Congressman who are expanding state power while actually diminishing our rights and limiting access to affordable health care.

The voters of the Santa Monica Bay, from Rancho Palos Verdes to Malibu, we must send a message to Washington: Stop the spending! Save our Nation!

Retire Henry Waxman this November!

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