Saturday, July 3, 2021

Child Abuser Troll Attempts, Fails to Shame Me

Amy Lounsbury is one of a handful of hateful trolls who has been following me on social media and in the public sphere.

Here's a brief interview that she did with me, even though I did not recognize her then, and to this day I would not recognize her.

She was not happy that I got involved with the parents at the Los Alamitos Unified School District. She was clearly not happy that I believe in science and respect natural law, and the clear distinctions of male and female.

Look at her attempting to troll me:

And ... cut scene.

She was not very persuasive or intimidating. What's better?

She ended up blocking me on Twitter! SAD! 

But let's call Amy Lounsbury for what she is: a child abuser.

She thinks that it is OK for men to go into women's spaces, completely naked.

She thinks it is OK to undermine natural law and biological fact for a bankrupted social justice warrior agenda.

She has no problem with children being exposed to naked strangers. 

That is the epitome of child abuse, and therefore Lousy Lounsbury is a child abuser.

She should be ashamed of herself!

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