Wednesday, July 14, 2021

CALL TO ACTION: Stand With Cronies Sports Grill in Agoura Hills!

URGENT call to ACTION for Cronies.... BE BRAVE... Be there at their side! Strength in numbers! WED. JULY 14 at 5:30

If three members of the Agoura Hills City Council succeed, the four partners at Cronies will face criminal charges and possible fines and jail time for opening their doors! Three elected officials have made it a personal mission to punish Cronies’ owners for their “defiance”! Please help in every way you can!


BEST ACTION: Attend and speak at the City Council meeting AND write the members and the City Manager…. And share this email! There is strength in numbers.

NEXT BEST ACTION: Write the members and the City Manager… And share this email.


WHAT: In-person Agoura Hills City Council Meeting

WHEN: Wednesday, July 14, 2021

TIME: 6:00 pm (doors open at 5:30)

WHERE: City of Agoura Hills, 30001 Ladyface Court, Agoura Hills

PHONE: 818-597-7300


Contact these four people. Explain they should change their minds. That Cronies has done nothing wrong. That they will put 30 people out of work. That they are wasting taxpayer money while pursuing personal punishment since no crimes have been committed.

Mayor Pro Tem Deborah Klein-Lopez

Phone: 818-597-7373

Fax: 818-597-7341

Councilmember Linda L. Northrup

Phone: 818-597-7374

Fax: 818-597-7341

Councilmember Illece Buckley Weber

Phone: 818-597-7372

Fax: 818-597-7341


City Manager Nathan Hamburger

Phone: 818-597-7308

Fax: 818-597-7341


Contact these two council members and thank them for supporting Cronies and voting no.

Mayor Denis Weber

Phone: 818-597-7371

Fax: 818-597-7341

Councilmember Chris Anstead

Phone: 818-597-7375

Fax: 818-597-7341


A video message from Cronies Owners:

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