Friday, November 8, 2019

Report on Chula Vista Drag Queen Story Hour, From San Diego MassResistance Member Lillie Hebert

$42,312,79 in our taxpayers’ money was spent on September 10, 2019 for security at the drag queen reading program.  It was not discussed, nor voted on.  Steve Padilla brought it to our city on his own.  There was no public discussion at all, too, but they used our taxpayers’ money!   The idea was totally Steve Padilla’s and rubber stamped by Mary Salas, the mayor. The LGBT met in the park and came marching and chanting loudly to the area where the Mass Resistance were.  There were the bomb squad, canine patrol, undercover police with the uniformed police and the swat team. During the protest, the police had their backs facing us as they stood guard looking at the opposite side the entire time! Word had gone out through the social media for the LGBT people to be there and with supporters. They saw the opportunity to berate and call names to the people who had gathered in prayer and in singing to express their disapproval of the Chula Vista Library hosting such a bizarre spectacle.  From this group, the LGBT proved to be the real haters, choosing to persecute the Christians, and holding signs that mocked Jesus with yelling sounds of vulgar.

The Mass Resistance held signs that said “No Drag Queen Reading” or “Stop the DQ Reading” or “Leave the Children Alone” as we prayed or sang.   Steve Padilla broke through the barricade, leading the group calling names trying to provoke us into an antagonistic exchange.  There was no reaction save for one man who took offense of the sign they carried that read, “Jesus is coming on your dad’s back” and the other that read “Jesus is coming on your mother’s face”.  He did yell back for Jesus!

The LGBT group wishing to promote acceptance and differences is not doing a good job by lying to the mayor and city council members when they get up and say we, the religious groups, the Mass Resistance people are the ones who provoke anger!  They make false accusations about everyone of us as we sit there listening to their fake stories.   I showed pictures of the police standing guard during this protest and the police were looking at them, not at the Mass Resistance group of people.
By wasting our taxpayer’s money, the library has had to cut The Stem Club, and other educational programs.  Many more children are suffering for this drag queen reading!
Jill Galvez and Mike Diaz need one more council member to get this problem on the agenda.  John McCann refuses to go along with them but claims the library is the one to stop it.  Our Mass Resistance group went to the Library Commissioners’ meeting and we were told that it belongs to the city council members to stop it!   John McCann needs to change his mind and vote with Mike and Jill.  He is the one who is hurting Chula Vista, because there will be more readings unless a charter is signed stating there will be no more readings!

Any time there are drag queen readings, the Mass Resistance and the church groups will be there to protest the waste of our taxpayers’ money!   We invite you to join us to stop this waste of money.   It will cost the city more than the $42, 312.79.

Lillie Hebert

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