Sunday, November 24, 2019

Press Release from Fight Sanctuary State: Justice for Angel Mom Agnes Gibboney


I was awakened this morning with marvelous news. The kind of news that makes you pause briefly and thank our Father in Heaven.

A couple of years ago I was introduced to a wonderful woman by the name of Agnes Gibboney. Agnes had a story to tell that was both inspiring while at the same time tragic. Let me briefly introduce you to Agnes.

Agnes and her family are from Hungary. When she was a young girl they fled the Communist repression that the creation of The Iron Curtain had brought to a once proud and free nation. They’r dreams and aspirations were to come to the US and start a new and better life for themselves.

Now, Agnes and her family didn’t do as most immigrants do today!

They applied at the US Embassy. They soon discovered that their port of entry to freedom would not be the USA, rather they were sent to Brazil.

Agnes spent her formative years growing up stateless, as the Communist in Hungary stripped her family’s citizenship, confiscated they’re passports and loaded them on a train and then a ship; stateless.

It would be some 20 years before they got world from the US Embassy in Rio de Janeiro that their application for entry to the US had been granted.

From there they followed all of the laws and were in short order naturalized. Finally, after years in refugee camps they were free...Free at last, as the late Dr. King exclaimed from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Soon after becoming a American, Agnes found herself with child. She gave birth in the early 70’s to a wonderful baby boy. Ronald as their loving parents christen him was a “Freedom Baby”...As Agnes has recounted many times to me; “my Ronald was born the freest of the free, he was our first generation American!”

Ronald’s life was like most kids growing up in Southern California. He was bright, precocious, played sports, he was on his way to enjoying the fruits of American Greatness.

Then came April 27th of 2002...

On that day, while visiting with his children Ronald’s life was cut short by three bullets at the hands of an illegal alien thug. This scumbag had approached Ronald and his friend to dish out retribution for some slight at some Cholo hangout. As Ronald lay in the streets dying, this thug ran away.

Upon his arrest and interrogation, he discovered that he had “busted a cap” on the wrong person. In the glow of a street light he had mistaken Ronald for his intended victim.

April 27, 2002 the day the American Dream ended for Agnes.

The illegal Alien Murderer was charged with 187 Murder in the First Degree.

Thanks to a feckless leftist Judge who took pity on this poor “Victim of Society”,.The Judge continually urged him to accept a plea bargain. This plea bargain allowed a blood soaked murderer to “cop” to voluntarily manslaughter. He received 11 years on the plea and an additional 10, for special circumstances because a fire arm was used in the Commission of his crime.

Luis Humberto Gonzalez y Valencia was sentenced to “break big rocks into little rocks” in a California State Prison until June 24, 2020.

Folks...Remember, Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Ted Lieu all cry out “Illegal Aliens don’t commit crimes!!!!

To that I say let them meet Agnes Gibboney!!!

Fast forward now...We go farther down the Rabbit Hole.

State Senator Kevin de Leon authors and passers SB54...The FIRST statewide Sanctuary Bill in the nation.

It was then that I locked arms with Agnes, Don Rosenberg(son Drew murdered by a thrice deported illegal), Ben Barquam and thousands of other great Californian’s to fight the malignant tumor on our state.

A couple of months ago, Agnes and her family received a letter from the Department of Corrections informing her that the illegal thug who took Ronald’s life was scheduled to be released a year ahead of time (thank you AB109) and that there would be no ICE Detainer filed on him.

No one needs to tell you that at that moment, Agnes was forced to relive all the horrors of losing her son.

Agnes wrapped herself in the full armor of God...and in a “Howard Beale” moment said out loud...”I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”

She started a letter writing campaign to toe DOC. She rallied the troops up and down the state.

I know that calls were made to DHS, ICE, because I reached out to another “Angel Parent” with those connections. (H/T to Don Rosenberg)

This Thug was released on November 21st. That same day Agnes took to the podium in a well attended Press Conference and decried this injustice.

At this point I want to give a shout out to Ben Barquam, Don Rosenberg, Sabine Durbin, Cynthia Truhan, Greg Brooks and my good friend Ravi Mehta for your “long suffering” dedication to the repeal of not only SB54, but AB460...Thank you!!

I also want to shout out again to Ben and to John Berry for your great job on that Press Conference.

This morning Agnes got news that “ERO” The Enforcement Removal Operations” a division of ICE had descended on this punk cuffed him and he has a one way ticket back to Mexico.

I also want to give a shout out and express gratitude to our Commander in Chief. Thanks to him, this punk will be off our streets, hopefully for good.

Agnes has been to the White House many times. The President calls Ronald “Tom Selleck...only better looking”.

If any of you are unaware of Fight Sanctuary you can read Agnes’ story and more at:

Thanks to all of you.

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