Sunday, November 24, 2019

Ben Shapiro Caved to LGBT, Fired Denise McAllister to Protect His "Brand"

I was so pleased to find Denise McAllister's Twitter feed promoted on my feed--at last.

Silicon Valley cannot silence righteous people speaking the truth.

Denise McAllister wrote some damning remarks condemning a homosexual's behavior.

Denise may have deleted the tweet, and perhaps the comments were a little crude.

But so what? Sometimes, speaking the truth makes us a little rough around the edges.

Here's the tweet that set off so many conservatives, as quoted by Yashar Ali, the gay, Catholic Iranian journalist (whatever):

Let's not forget, however, that Ali had also attacked Denise's relationship with her husband:

She later commented the following about Yashar Ali:

Indeed, it is. Homosexuals need to get help. There is no need for them to live in bondage to a lie.

And then finally she related that she had been fired by "The Federalist":

For speaking for men, for masculinity, for marriage, and for calling out homosexual perversion for what it is, she should have been applauded and encouraged.

No man can find love in another man's anus. It's just not possible. A man's anus is not the place or means for communicating conjugal love. It's just that simple.

Where McAllister's comments a little crude. Sure. I would have avoided the curse words. It's not really necessary. But that does not obfuscate the larger points which she was making:

1. Homosexuals have no business criticizing men and women and their relationships. Their relationship dynamics are based on biological fact and Biblical truth.
2. Homosexuals are in bondage to destructive behaviors which should not be normalized

Instead, she was fired.

Well, Denise finally revealed to the public what happened, and particularly what happened in connection with Ben Shapiro, the Editor-In-Chief of the Daily Wire:

Indeed, Conservative Inc. is not conserving anything.

In fact, why are we calling ourselves "conservatives" in the first place? I am a constitutionalist, a republican, and above a child of God who believes the Gospel!

It's time for us to go beyond merely conserving what we've got. It's time for us to expand the affirmation of what the Constitution so richly promises us, and the Declaration of Indpendence outlines that we have.

So, let's look at Ben Shapiro's remarks:

"We don't want our brand linked to the kind of gross attack you dropped on Yashar Ali today."

Really? So, for Ben it was all about protecting a brand? Whatever happened to advancing conservative, constitutional principles? Whatever happened to actually winning the culture war? Why does he care more about rhetoric than reality?

Then Shapiro writes:

"He [Yashar Ali] is not linked to our brand. You are. Please remove our brand."

Whose brand is that? It's more than just Ben's.

Then he chides Denise:

"You accused him [Yashar Ali] of finding meaning in another man's asshole. That's self explanatory beyond all boundaries of decency. Please remove us."

Denise added this final remark:
"Gotta protect the brand." "Must protect the brand." OK ...

One contributor writes something negative, off-color, heated, and

But the larger issue is that Denise McAllister called out homosexuality for what it is: a perversion. People have shared bad ideas, inappropriate remarks, even off-color statements on Twitter, Facebook, or other platforms without any real risk to the brands or programs that they work for.

But if someone crosses Big Homo or Big Tranny, everyone loses their minds! If you speak out against homosexuality or transgenderism, you are denigrated, decimated, and dismissed from the public sphere.

This tyranny is unacceptable. We should have the liberty to speak our minds, to speak freely, And printing groups, newsites, and other information organizations should not cut people because they misspeak once in a while.

For the Federalist and the Daily Wire to cave to the threatened labelings of "homophobe" or "transphobe" is just outrageous.

Denise McAllister should not have been summarily dismissed for calling out homosexuality for what it is: a destructive perversion. Instead, Conservative Inc. typermasters at the Daily Wire and the Federalist chose to cave rather than stand their ground. Sad. Sad indeed.

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