Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Walker v. Sanders in 2016?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
(Source: Michael Vadon)

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will announce his candidacy for President of the United States in 2016. And run he should. With his impressive array of accomplishments as a conservative leader and brilliant campaigner, Walker can overwhelm primary opponents without even trying. While US Senators like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have some legislative accomplishments, they have no lasting executive achievements. Another US Senator, Marco Rubio, has waffled on more issues than a house of pancakes, supporting amnesty, then backing away, then embracing it once again. Refusing to take a firm stance on immigration or Common Core, Rubio is a Hispanic version of Jeb Bush, establishment values without the funding or media hype.

As for the other senators and governors with respectable and qualified credentials, their long-lasting impression in their states and on the country will not captivate conservative primary voters like Walker’s.
US Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

On the Democratic side, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presided over the foreign policy free-fall of the Obama Administration. Lincoln Chafee, a former Republican, is a laughingstock. Martin O’Malley must explain to millions of Democratic primary voters why a Republican is cleaning up his mess in Maryland. Then there’s the male version of Elizabeth Warren, “Weekend at Bernie” Sanders, who shares the same pathological hatred for Walker as Wisconsin’s defeated public sector unions. “We need to strengthen trade unionism in this country”,  Sanders contended, even though Act 10 benefited working families, schools, and cities.

I look forward to Walker v. Sanders in 2016 (and Walker will win).


  1. Walker has no accomplishments. His state is a mess. The Kochs back him but he is hugely unpopular (or unknown) to large swaths of Americans. He will slink back to Wisconsin and watch Jeb Bush lose by a landslide in 2016. And it will be AWESOME.

  2. Where do you get the idea Governor Walker has no accomplishments? He has 25 yrs worth of them, included 13 as an executive. Lower taxes, unions busted, lower unemployment and more.

    As for the Koch brothers,no one cares. The Dems should look in the mirror if they have a problem with monies from billionaires. They have so many.

    The GOP at least has choices. We are not being forced 1 candidate.