Friday, June 19, 2015

Random Lengths News: Walker, Sanders, and 2016

While reading the last issue Random Lengths News, I was pleasantly surprised that Matthew Wuerker’s latest cartoon featured Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker soaring over potential Presidential contenders on his Harley. I hope that Walker is not only the GOP nominee in 2016, but becomes the next President of the United States. Unlike the current White House occupant, the governor of Wisconsin can bring real hope and change.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
A pastor’s kid with a credible character and incredible conservative record of protecting life, marriage, labor reforms, and fiscal discipline, the former state assemblyman, Milwaukee County Chief Executive, and thrice-elected governor of the Dairy State champions limited government, individual liberty, and constitutional rule:  the face, facts, and future of true progress in the United States. No wonder Republican candidates are opting out of Iowa: Walker is already polling ahead there, even before officially declaring his Presidential candidacy.
As for the Democrats, their thin bench is baffling as well as laughable. Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leaves a legacy of dead diplomats and dying American diplomacy. Former Governor Martin O’Malley fundamentally transformed Maryland into a regressive dystopia. Thankfully, a stellar Republican governor, Larry Hogan, replaced him. He is advancing conservative principles and the Old Line state’s prosperity. There’s former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee, a Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat (confused? Flip-flopper?), universally unpopular and disrespected, from his “Pot for Potholes” revenue fantasies to his forced pension reforms. Providence is going bankrupt, more residents are fleeing the Ocean State than staying, and Chafee’s contribution to the Presidential race? A conversion to the metric system and his “No!” vote against Iraq in 2002.

The Democratic Party: Weekend at Bernie's
 Then there’s Vermont Socialist US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a politician whom RLn Editor James Preston Allen called an example of “true progressive politics”. A double-dealing fearmonger who preaches hatred of the monied classes (even while owning a condo himself), Sanders is turning out large crowds, seriously challenging Clinton's chances. Vermonters shared these comments about their Senator-turned-presidential aspirant: “Bernie Sanders is a filthy socialist and therefore, can't take the oath for any office without lying!” and “He can't talk crap about military when he has never served in it.”
Today, Progressivism has become “Weekend at Bernie’s”, where the main characters propped up their dead boss to stay alive. This time, the Democratic Party is propping up the dead ideology of socialism, class warfare, and envy.
And will lose in 2016.

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