Tuesday, June 2, 2015

CA State Senate Passes Taxpayer-Funded Health Insurance for Illegal Aliens

The state Senate on Tuesday approved a hotly debated measure that would allow many immigrants in the country illegally to sign up for special healthcare programs that would offer the same benefits as Medi-Cal.

State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens)
This kind of immoral, illegal insanity is becoming the norm in California.

Worse yet, state senate Republicans feel compelled to tip-toe around this issue, for fear of shaming or defaming themselves in front of the media and the pro-amnesty groups in Sacramento.

The United States of America is a nation of laws, not interest groups, not of men, nor of politicians looking to shore up their base and protect their political prospects at the expense of the Constitution, both state and federal.

This bill is an egregious slap in the face to all working Americans, particularly legal residents who immigrated here -- that means they came legally.
The action comes just days after lawmakers significantly scaled back the plan, which originally would have offered state-subsidized Medi-Cal to people in the country without authorization.
State Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) said his proposal provides “what we can realistically achieve now” for the estimated 2 million people in the state illegally.
"What we can realistically achieve. . " Who is "We", Senator Lara? The people who pay the taxes, who try to grow and thrive, whether in a job or a business, the local civic leaders balancing their budgets and deciding how to spend their local dollars -- they are the ones who will have to pay for this exaggerated expansion of government funding into statewide insurance.
Guess what? They can't afford it. The only realistic proposal would be to kill this bill immediately.
The bill would allow up to 240,000 minors to sign up for Medi-Cal and allow some low-income adults to sign up for a separate program that provides the same services. Higher-income people would be able to buy non-subsidized coverage through Covered California if the federal government provides permission for them to do so.

Covered California is getting uncovered as unsustainable and ineffective, with many respondents declaring that health insurance is still too expensive. Pushing more people onto the healthcare-welfare rolls will not drive down costs, whether for insurance or for emergency room payments.

As the son of parents who were immigrants formerly in the country illegally, Lara said many people spend long hours in emergency rooms waiting for treatment.

So what? The reason why health care is getting harder to access is precisely because individuals are not shouldering the individual costs or taking into account the demands with routine check-ups. Furthermore, Obamacare has only enriched the well-connected in the insurance and hospital industries, at the far and growing expense of everyone else -- everyone else who lives in the state of California legally.

“Many often forgo medical care because of the fear of medical debt,” Lara said in support of SB 4.
The vote was 28-11, with most but not all Republicans opposed to the legislation, which next goes to the Assembly for consideration.
However, Sen. Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) said he supported the bill, saying “the taxpayers are already paying high healthcare costs for undocumented when they show up in our emergency rooms.”

Senator Vidak? How could he do this? Has his victory in the Central Valley turned into a double-edged sword for California residents, Republicans in particular? One active conservative has determined that Vidak must face a primary challenge. The state of California is going nowhere good without a firm grip on principled immigration policy: the answer to the world's ills will never be an open border. Even liberal GOP gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari understood that. Califonia needs a secure border, welfare reform, and E-Verify. Anyone who plays the "Deport Grandma" card can simply respond: "My grandma came here legally. Why won't you make it easier for their grandmas to come here legally, too?"

If Republicans feel that they have to pander with these big government give-a-ways just to stay relevant in the state, then the whole California Republican Party should close up and move to Nevada or Arizona.



  1. Please write an article on how we can go about getting rid of completely useless morons like this idiot.

  2. We are going to move out of state! I am sick to death of the idiot lawmakers in California. I have worked to hard my whole life for someone else to decide what happens with my money and whom I choose to help. I am not wealthy and will be living on a small retirement and social security (which I earned) and as a Legal Citizen, will probably be living with a tight budget Let people work and pay for health care like I have done all my life!! "LAND OF THE FREE" never meant that you didn't have to work to create a good life!

  3. I am a native Californian, 4th generation and 63 years ikd. We DID move out of the state in March if this year and the TWO ma I. Reasons were because of taxes and the far left politics. Calif has become a welfare state big time and that's where all your taxes go. And they still want more money Fri. you, case in point here. It just keeps getting worse. Btw, Utah and Colorado are awesome and the people are friendly and genuine not to mention the cost of living g is so much better.

    1. We are the same age! The ONLY thing holding us back are having to leave kids and grandkids. We have done some traveling and it has always been so great to see that real, friendly and genuine people actually exist! I am sickened by California.

  4. For God's sake --- don't move to Nevada or Arizona! We don't want your RINO crap here!

  5. My husband and I plan to move to AZ in 2 yrs. when he retires. We've been exploring areas there we like very much. We, too, are tired of the Socialist State of California. We, too, have family here. If they can't wise up and leave also, we will just have to see less of them. They are already in a quandary of what to do about impending mandatory medical treatments to which they refuse to submit. Hope they wake up.

  6. This is why businesses leave the state. They are tired of paying for this nonsense.

  7. After 40 years in California, we left this Spring as well. It wasn't a single issue but rather a whole series of issues with the tax and spend policies of the state. Let California consume itself with non-sustainable policies. Eventually they will tax all the wage earners away and there won't be anyone left to actually fund their welfare state.

  8. I remember a speech Cesar Chavez gave way back when, saying that Hispanics were going to take California back, and they were going to do it without a single shot being fired..I thought at the time that statement was preposterous..Now I think it's happened.

    1. Yet, ironically, Chavez was opposed to illegal immigration and amnesty:


      What was he thinking, then?

  9. Cheap labor its an asset every government needs
    Who do you guys think its the perfect asset????