Friday, June 19, 2015

Kevin De Leon: One Illegal Alien, One Vote

California State Senate President
Kevin De Leon (Source: Neon Tommy)

State Senate President Kevin De Leon and the Democratic cabal have behaved in an undemocratic fashion for some time.

Four state senators were arrested, indicted, or convicted of serious crimes last year. One, Roderick Wright, did wrong in false listing one address as his own within the district he represented, when in fact he lived outside the district, in violation of the law. Perjury and voter fraud were the charges, and he spent a little over one hour in jail after his conviction then removal from office.

Then there's Kevin De Leon, who is still under suspicion for living somewhere besides his district. Aside from allegations of voter fraud and perjury connected with his questioned residence in his state senate district, De Leon has been carrying water for Big Green and Big Amnesty in Sacramento.

With state senator Ricardo Lara and the "team" efforts of Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins and her Democratic caucus, Kevin De Leon has pushed California further into becoming a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, instead of a prosperous locale for legal residents, born and naturalized, in the United States.

One major case before the Supreme Court, Evenwel v. Abbott, will determine whether Congressional Districts can be determined by counting the living residents within the district, or must count only those residents eligible to vote: i.e., citizens.

Senator De Leon claimed in an op-ed in the Daily News that many of the residents would no longer have any representation if the Supreme Court recognizes "one person, one vote" for citizens instead of anyone:

"I fear that tens of thousands of my constituents will wake up one morning in 2016 without political representation. Chefs, nannies, janitors, gardeners, valets, maids, restaurateurs, writers, artists, social workers, lawyers would lose their voice in the Capitol with the stroke of a pen.

How does Kevin De Leon get elected if all the people who support him, as he alleges, are not even permitted to vote? Is the problem of illegal immigration so great, that the people whom De Leon cares about are in fact not even legal residents? What about them? Do they not count? Or is the US Constitution just a piece of paper with no binding power or enforcement over state and federal legislatures?

What is really at stake here? Politicians like De Leon, and the interest groups which support him, rely on the Amnesty ideology and the lobbies which bolster them. They foresee in the near future that non-citizens will start voting, too, thus ensuring their political power for decades to come.

The truth is that  State Senate President Kevin De Leon mischaracterizes “one person, one vote” in a brazen, blatantly political, and ultimately immoral and unconstitutional fashion.

In the United State Constitution, “We the People” is followed by “of the United State of America”, thus referring to citizens: not illegal aliens. Indeed, Article One had recognized slaves as 3/5 of a person, but the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution removed that unjust status and restored their citizenship.

Unfortunately, Senator De Leon now wants illegal aliens to have the same rights and privileges as  US Citizens, yet citizenship, by law, legacy, and limited governance can mean nothing more (and nothing less) than legal status, or citizenship means nothing at all.

Furthermore, De Leon’s hysteria that scores of his “constituents” would lose representation is a false and fatuous argument. State legislators swear to uphold the Constitution. They represent “We the People”: legal residents, naturalized citizens, natural-born Americans.
Hopefully, the Supreme Court will decide to recognize all future redistricting efforts on the basis of "one citizen, one vote" since "We the People" has always been about citizens. The Constitution did unjustly recognize slaves as three-fights for political purposes, but also Native Americans not taxed were not counted.
Still, legal status is the basis for political participation in the United States, and representation in Congress or in any state legislature must rest on that basis. Senator De Leon has already worked with crony elements within Sacramento to expand government and public services for illegal aliens, at the expense of legal residents, born and naturalized. At least the Supreme Court may check, if not outright halt, this politicized self-aggrandizement but redirecting redistricting efforts to their proper focus: We the People.


  1. He is one corrupt illegal alien loving progressive libturd! This guy needs to be impeached and convicted, removed from office FORCEFULLY and jailed! He is total disgrace! He represents the uber liberal west side of LA a bastion of brain dead liberals who can't change anything much less their minds!

  2. From AB 1461 which just passed both the CA Senate and Assembly and is awaiting Governor Brown's signature, "The bill would also provide that if a person who is ineligible to vote becomes registered to vote by operation of this program [which will include all people who obtain a California DL and ID] and that person votes or attempts to vote in an election held after the effective date of the person’s registration, that person shall be presumed to have acted with official authorization and is not guilty of fraudulently voting or attempting to vote, unless that person willfully votes or attempts to vote knowing that he or she is not entitled to vote."

    Assuming that the illegal immigrants who get drivers licenses are not forwarded to the Secretary of State for voter registration, and that's a big assumption, it still seems that legal immigrants who are not yet citizens will be off the hock if they vote illegally.