Thursday, June 25, 2015

Black Youth Blasts Obama over Charleston Shootings

In a YouTube Vlog posted earlier this week, Georgia Republican CJ Pearson excoriated President Barack Obama for politicizing the Charleston, South Carolina  massacre.
What stands out about this Vlog blast?

Pearson is a young, African-American conservative.

In what represents the Democratic Party's weakening grip on the young and black vote, Pearson lays out in succinct detail his disgust with Obama's lack of knowledge or principle on individual rights and the proper role of the state to protect citizens from deranged marauders.

Pearson has turned heads before, when he released a video questioning whether President Obama actually loves America. This time, before criticizing the President, Pearson offered his condolences and invited his audience to pray for the victims' families and the city of Charleston.

This was a deep and senseless tragedy, and something that could have been prevented.

Indeed, let's start talking about solutions to mass murder.

What I want to talk about is how our President politicizes the entire thing.

He took the podium and he talked about how this couldn't have happened, wouldn't have happened if we had gun control. That this kind of thing happens only because people carry guns.

Finally, someone had the time and wit to reduce President Obama's senseless argument to its childish simplicity.

This man took the lives of these nine people, and said: "I simply just don't care if I have to use you, you, and you to further my agenda. Then it's A-OK.

President Obama, following his former chief of staff's lurid advice, never lets a crisis go to waste, even if it means taking advantage of people in a delicate, difficult position. How can anyone talk about advancing a barren political agenda when nine people were savagely murdered? How can anyone bring up a failed policy in the face of the victims' family members declaring to the assailant Dylann Storm: "I forgive you"?

Pearson has one word to describe this brazen manipulation:

That is pathetic.

Well put. Succinct and on point. A charge of malevolence would be too dignified for the pettiness of President Obama. Progressives in Washington are also growing tired of the current chief executive, who is interested in playing golf or furbishing up a small legacy in a corrupt city.

These people died in a place of worship. They were praising their God. And they died doing it. These people lost their mother. Some people lost their Dad. They lost someone whom they really cared about.

People got hurt. People died. People matter. Not politics. Not agendas. But President Obama cannot interact with others except along these narrow lines. Every situation has to be divided into winners and losers, or attack any sense of displacement and "unjust authority." Every moment has to be transformed into somehow furthering "The Cause", for he came to the White House to help "Be the change that we have been waiting for."

For six years, this country has been waiting for leadership, for an example to follow, a profile in courage worth respecting, worth emulating.

Pearson calls out the weakness, the poverty of our President, who does not live up to any presidential aspirations.

And you're going to sit there, and you're going to walk up to the podium and talk about how the Second Amendment doesn't matter?

Pearson's voice rises. He is angry at a President who talks a unique tragedy and turns it into a baseless attack on one of our country's basic freedoms. More Americans need to get angry like this young man. Are there enough freedom fighters left to do something about the arrogant chief executive still waging war on every enemy which isn't?

And how you have a solution to this, by taking their guns away?

There is no more glaring example of "blaming the victim" than the gun control argument. Innocent people get killed by a deranged gun man. The answer? Take away their sure-fire means of protecting themselves. Unbelievable, or as Pearson would say, "pathetic".

Well, here's a news flash for you. Number One, besides the pathetic nature of that comment and you're willing to slam the entire mean of their lives and their deaths into the ground.

Aside from that, you're blatantly wrong.

After Sandy Hook, as a student I was scared out of my mind.

In fact, President Obama tried to take advantage of this country's anxiety and pushed gun control. The measures attempted in Congress would not have protected those children and teachers massacred in Connecticut. Permitting an expansion of concealed-carry would have.

What allayed this young man's fears?

That there was an armed guard ready to do whatever it took to save my life, who was willing to die trying. Because unlike you, President Obama, I realize that criminals don't abide by the law. It's one of the reasons they're criminals.

Bingo. Not only does Pearson lay out basic realities about this fallen world, but he accurately depicts how foolish the President and his progressive agenda really are.

And they don't care, President Obama, because. . .they just don't.

The discussion about safety in the face of gun violence must focus on more than what causes assailants to commit these terrible crimes. For those law-abidinf citizens, they need an immediate and reliable recourse to protect themselves in the event of such atrocities.

Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Stupid people kill people.

How many times has this refrain abounded in gun control debates? What makes this statement particularly refreshing, however, is that a young, black male from the South is declaring this self-evident fact.

CJ Pearson

Whatever hopes that the Democratic Party had of holding onto the black, youth, or the black youth vote seem to be vanishing faster every day.

And that is how you be objective, President Obama.

We don't go out and take away everyone's cars when a stupid person gets a DUI, because it's that stupid person's actions aren't representative of everyone who drives a car. So, why is some lunatic, who clearly lacks a stable mental state, representative of every gun-owning American here in this country?

Pearson possesses a firm grasp of history, logic, and evidence while making the concrete argument against gun control. More conservatives need to adopt his courage as well as force of mind to combat the ongoing gun control agenda.

Your presidency has been pathetic, and this is one testimony to it. When you take someone's lives, and you completely discount the tragedy of their  lives taken away from them, and you use it to further your own agenda.

That's something that I won't tolerate. That's something I won't stand for. And that's something I expect more from the leader of the free world.

It's time for Americans across this country, including this articulate young man, to accept: President Obama is not a leader, or rather he has no intention of leading a free world. His agenda has been a big government legacy which limited the cause and character of the individual at the expense of the state, and using every crisis to justify the seizure of power and authority from the states and the people.

And it's sad that we have a President who is so egotistical and so self-righteous.

Absolutely, on both points.

That he is willing to do whatever it takes to make that he gets what he wants done, but not give closure to the famiies of so many who have lost a loved one. These families will never be the same ever again. And I can't even think of enough words to give them enough closure, to give them enough hope.

Hope, and change. Weren't those the two things that President Obama was determined to provide to this country? Instead there is despair, disappoint, and stagnation. Pathetic, indeed.

But what I can tell them today, is courage, perseverance, and bravery is something that embodied this entire congregation, and that these people were with their God when this happened. And this man, who committed this heinous act, shall be brought to justice.

Pearson returns to the plight of the families who have lost loved ones. They need to be comforted, they need to be reminded that there will be justice for them, that the President and staff respect their pain.

It's sad that we have situations like these, but I guess it's one of those bad things about life, isn't it?

My thoughts are with all the people who have been affected by this tragedy God bless America, and God bless the people of Charleston, South Carolina.

Today, our thoughts need to be focused first on the people and the city of Charleston. Our thoughts should also turn to young Americans like CJ Pearson, individuals who are proud of their country, who are not afraid to fault President Obama, the hope and change we have been waiting for.

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