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Nanette's Tarred Comments

Barragan conveniently feature the Vincent Thomas Bridge
in her latest campaign mailer

 In April, 2015 Hermosa Beach City Councilmember Nanette Barragan announced her bid for Congress, challenging State Senator Isadore Hall to replace Congresswoman Janice Hahn, who is running to replace Don Knabe on the LA County Board of Supervisors

Counsin Nanette has a lot of catching up to do. Senator Hall, i.e. Uncle Izzy has been lining up endorsements throughout the South Bay and South East LA County.

However, he has not invested in the South Gate, ad otherheavily Latino regions of the 44th Congressional District, yet. Barragan senses an opportunity, and the 2016 contest for the district, stretching from San Pedro to South Gate, will test which Democratic political machines have the power: the Hispanic or the African-American. Basil Kimbrew of the California Friends of the African-American Caucus has issued news and press releases on behalf of Uncle Izzy.

Is there any equivalent political machine in place to help the Hispanic candidate? She better build one soon if she wants to have more than a quixotic chance at winning. Not that she does not have one, of course, since even the center-left leaning Daily Breeze faulted Hahn, Hall, and then "Cousin" Steve Bradford lining up their endorsements and support to hold a set of legislative positions in the Alameda Corridor.

In her latest campaign eblast, Nanette tries to tie her Hermosa Beach political experience, especially in relation to the tar spills in Santa Barbara and the tar balls in the South Bay, to the prospective bid for the working-class ethnic communities of the 44th:

The recent oil spill in Santa Barbara County was alarming, to say the least.

I did not really notice, in part because the clean-up crew did a good job of taking care of the mess. As for the tar balls appearing along the South Bay coast, some experts claim that the soot came from another source, not the oil spills from Santa Barbara.
Cleanup crews are still out working with no end in sight. And in recent days globs of tar have been washing ashore all along the coast in Ventura, Oxnard, Malibu, and further than a hundred miles away in Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach.
These are environmental and health tragedies that will have implications for a long time to come.

Is this true? Some environmentalists still never learn. This country has come a long way from the Exxon-Valdez disaster of 1988.
When I was a kid growing up in Carson and the surrounding areas, my sisters and I would take the bus to the beach for fun-filled, seemingly endless summer days. But these days, with all of the coastal drilling we're never more than one disaster away from all of that fun and natural beauty disappearing.

Nanette could not be more blatant in trying to connect herself with her no-longer working class roots: Look at me! I am a Carson girl! I am one of you, peeps! I had to take the bus to go to the beach when I was a kid.

Now, she lives at the beach in one of the wealthiest areas, with the most expensive property values in the country. Cousin Nanette is as One Percent as it gets, and yet she wants to present herself as "One of them" in Carson.
With all that has happened, I felt compelled to write an Op-Ed that was published by The Daily Breeze. Spills like those in Santa Barbara and the rising number of asthma and cancer cases in our communities remind me why we need to move toward adding clean, green, union jobs to our communities.

No, Cousin Nanette. You wrote an Op-Ed under the color of your City Council authority to promote your bid for Congress. Please.
I'm proud of the work we did to defeat oil drilling in Hermosa Beach, and that two-year battle shows the kind of leadership and results-driven fight I'll bring to Washington when I'm elected to Congress.

What work? The reports out of Hermosa Beach and throughout the South Bay talked about the Middle-School level antics which have taken over the city, from Facebook page antics to yard signs getting defaced or pulled away. Lots of people were motivated against Measure O from Day One. Nanette just jumped on the bandwagon to win a seat on the City Council.
Read my guest column, published in The Daily Breeze, here – and then share it with your friends and neighbors.

Cousin Nanette repeats what she wrote and where. You can almost here her chanting: "Please, please, please read me! I cannot afford the campaign advertising, so free advertising in the Daily Breeze was the best that I could do."
Thank you for standing with me.
Fighting for you,
P.S. Can you help me by donating to help build a strong start to this campaign? Click here to contribute today.

Fighting for who? She is fighting for herself, so that she can have a better bid for a higher office. Has she done anything remarkable for Hermosa Beach, besides sow division and strife? As for defeating Measure O, lots of people were opposed to the ballot initiative, and Nanette merely rode the waves. Even Michael DiVirgilio caved on the issue because of the public pressure against it.

No matter how she depicts herself, Cousin Nanette is spilling all of her self-ambition, and tarring her plea for recognition and fundraising with the sticky politics of the HB Big Green Agenda's petty personal attacks.

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