Monday, June 1, 2015

Clinton and O'Malley Destroyed Families and Communities

Hillary Clinton: Building Strong Families (?)
Presidential contender Hillary Clinton wants to discuss strong families and communities with Martin O'Malley.

The latest Democrat to announce his bid for President tweeted back:

Martin O'MalleyVerified account @GovernorOMalley May 30
. Thanks, Hillary. I'm eager to engage in a healthy debate about our visions for America.

Are you kidding me?

What experience can she draw upon? Is she going to quote large passages from her book It Takes a Village?

Martin O'Malley? Building strong communities?

Has anyone paid a visit to Baltimore recently? Anyone? At all?!

Does the former first lady really think that she will be the first female President?

What does she want to discuss with anyone anyway?

She won't talk to the press, but she wants to talk to former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley.

They have nothing to talk about, because neither one of  them has a record of building strong families or communities.

Clinton stood by her man, when she was sleeping with every other woman but her. She went after a rape victim, "dragging her through hell" in order to get a lighter sentence for her client, even though Clinton knew that he was guilty of raping her.

The War on Women began a long time ago, with Hillary Clinton helping to wage the fight, propping up former President Bill Clinton, who was not only impeached for lying about his affair with a White House intern, but was repeatedly accused and sued for rape and sexual assault against a number of women. From his tenure as Governor of Arkansas to his Presidency, Bill Clinton defiled his office with not only his inappropriate, private misconduct, but his frequent public denials, which he reversed when he could no longer run from them.

Hillary Clinton wants to talk about building strong families, and yet her family life is nothing but cover-ups, moral failings, and outright deception.

Martin O'Malley gives himself "thumbs up" for record on building communities
Do they stand under the scrutiny, however?

As for building stronger communities. . .

Baltimore, Maryland is the last stand for the liberal-progressive lie, which has promoted the notion that poverty and racism are the ills which have brought the black man down. Liberal Marylanders and the political Baltimoreans enable this socialist fraud. The city has an all black city council, including  black, female mayor and black, male police chief. The six police officers indicted for killing Freddie Grey, including three African-Americans, one female.

Frederick Douglass
Instead of the racist/elitist screeds for more money,  they should consider the worthy life and legacy of Frederick Douglass, himself born in Maryland as a slave, but who escaped a free man. Although reared in abject misery, abuse, and poverty, he learned how to read and write with the help of a Baltimore school boy. He worked his way up in spite of his surroundings, and even beat up one of his masters, refusing to be a "slave in fact". No handouts, no easy streets, Douglass escaped his former, enslaved status and defined his circumstances.

No welfare, no public assistance, no government pity. If freedman could go from poverty to prosperity in the 1800s and the early 1900s without help from the state, then what makes anyone think that Big Government is the only way to help the Little Black Man?

O'Malley raised nothing but taxes and spending during his eight-year tenure, anyway. He even taxed the rain, one of the most hated levies in the state's history. His legacy left so much undone or lost, that a Republican replaced in 2014, taking down O'Malley's hand-picked liberal, African-American successor Anthony Brown.

By the way, Republican Governor Larry Hogan ran with an African-American as his candidate for Lieutenant Governor: Boyd Rutherford.

After eight years of O'Malley, the Old Line State was worse off than ever, from failed Obamacare exchanges to gun control laws which galvanized the Second Rights Amendment advocates, to secession attempts from the western part of the state. No record of building strong communities, but deep-rooted resentment against an Annapolis political class preferring its interest at the expense of the public.

Hillary Clinton wants to condescend to her would-be Presidential primary challengers. All she will do is highlight her and their failures on policy, principle, and personal integrity. These two Democrats have a record of destroying families and communities, and expose how government hastens their decline and ultimate demise.

If anything, Clinton and O'Malley will help build a broad coalition of Americans fed up with progressive illiberalism, who now long for a restoration of constitutional rule, limited government, state sovereignty, and individual liberty.

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