Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Last Minute Hate Mailer Against RIGOP Trager

Are the Rhode Island liberals and Democratic Party machinists this desperate?

Robert Trager is running for a state assembly seat in the South Kingston-Narragansett region of the state. His chances were better than most, considering that the seat is open during a special election, with lower turnout.

Not only that, but Sissy Cicilline's Sis ran in the Democratic Primary with more money, name ID, and political support . .and lost.

Already, the previous, corrupted dynasty of GTA Cicilline is running off the rails.

Now there's Robert Trager of the Rhode Island Republican Party, looking for an upset.

Side One
Then this hate mailer drops in the day before:

Side Two

Then there's side two:


Of course, this kind of last-minute race-baiting is not new to politics, since the Democratic Party played the race card, in fact every card in the race deck, to deck their conservatives opponents and stack the game in their favor.

It failed, miserably. Even in California, Republican Tony Srtickland used a similar race-baiting tactic to win Democratic votes, and it backfired!

The Rhode Island GOP chairman Brandon Bell issued the following comments in a press release:

Chairman Brandon S. Bell states: "there was no return address, no signature, no one willing to take credit and certainly no disclosures as required by Rhode Island General Laws.  This is undoubtedly the most scurrilous, lewd, vicious and FALSE undertaking by any group or individual in an attempt to sway the outcome of an election in Rhode Island in modern memory.

Very sad indeed. Is the RI Democracy seeing its days numbered?

"This garbage is cowardly and downright dirty."   "Bob Trager will work tirelessly for working families in South Kingstown and Narragansett.  He will always respect his opponents while fighting for individuals and small businesses to be attracted to and stay in the great State of Rhode Island.  A vote for Bob Trager on June 9, 2015 is a vote for ethics and responsibility."

Cowardice is the mark of political desperation. With no names, no references, nothing, one can only acknowledge that well-connected politicos with lots of money thought that they had nothing to lose in sending out this very polemical, fraudulent mailer.

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