Friday, June 19, 2015

Against Critics, Walker Comes up Strong

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Two major critiques against Scott Walker as a Presidential contender focus on his not being able to fulfill the promise of bringing in 250,000 jobs to the Dairy State. The second failing faults him from his lack of foreign policy experience.

Regarding the first charge, Walker may have overstepped his capacities in pledging to bring a specific set of jobs to Wisconsin. It is never the responsibility of the government, whether state or federal, to create jobs. However, Walker’s impressive reforms, from tax cuts to spending reductions, and especially the Act Ten collective bargaining reforms, have eased the financial burden on city councils, school boards, and individual workers, thus preventing high taxes against residents and businesses. columnist M. D. Kittle debunked the chief criticisms in “In Scott Walker's first term, Wisconsin ranked 35th in job creation”, citing that Walker’s reforms restored power back to the taxpayers leaders by allowingpublic employees to opt out of unions and the forced dues that come with them”. Efficient local government has freed up workers and businesses alike to invest and direct their economic future.

As for foreign policy experience, Walker withstood labor unions within the state, across the country, and even from around the world. He demonstrated his inner strength to pledge reforms for the long-term fiscal health and well-being of Wisconsin. Such fortitude is the stuff foreign policy expertise depends on.

Despite the media criticism, Governor Walker comes up strong, and would make a credible Presidential contender, and an incredible President.

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