Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Walker's Act Ten Reforms Champion Workers

Contrary to the Wisconsin State-Journal, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Act Ten reforms -- which resulted in the end of forced union dues, budget and staff reductions, and diminished influence of Wisconsin’s public sector unions -- is a timely and welcome development.
The article included a misleading statement:
“Wisconsin’s three AFSCME councils are merging four years after the state rolled back public-sector union rights, prompting two out of three dues-paying members to drop out.”
Public sector union collective bargaining is not a right, but an entitlement which forced out taxpayers and unconnected activists who could not raising comparable funding to fight back the collusions between unions and their endorsed politicians.

Mike Fox
Interim AFSCME president Mike Fox wrongly denounced Walker’s reforms curbing labor union’s influence:
It’s a shame that someone can decide that he has to establish his national bona fides by putting his boot on the neck of the workers.”
 Governor Walker championed individual workers by allowing them to choose whether to join a union or not. The two-thirds short-fall of employee membership in Wisconsin’s government employee unions demonstrates that they did not prize their coerced membership.
  “That’s really a sad platform for any politician who is supposed to be representing all of the people, not just the rich people.”

Gov. Scott Walker

Union bosses are some of the highest paid “employees” in this country, including last year. If labor leaders want to stop the political influence of wealthy people at the expense of the working class, they should support rather than denounce Walker’s Act Ten reforms.

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