Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Run, X-Man, Run!

So, the California Democratic Party is in a tussle over who will succeed Barbara Boxer in the US Senate.

X symbol from X-Men logo.svg
The X-Men logo

Like a Hollywood Franchise full of well-endowed superheroes, filled with strength and flawed character, Democrats brimming with ambition are coming out of their comfort zones and looking for a national stage.

Attorney General Kamala Harris seemed like the inevitable candidate, announcing early in January, 2015.

She has fumbled and mumbled, and all the dirt is coming out against her. Like Superman struggling with Kryptonite or Wolverine fighting with his petty temper and bruised past life, Harris is getting harried.

Long Beach Comic Expo 2012 - Wolverine (7186647586).jpg
Wolverine for US Senate? (The Community)
More vulnerable than invincible, Harris now has a contender: Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.

Is she like Rogue or Jean Grey? Will she absorb the good and the bad of everyone around her, or can she predict the future and read the minds of would-be supporters?

Unscripted and unfiltered, she attracts controversy, and a better legislative record; well, slightly better.

Playing a more centrist, pro-business card, Sanchez. could bring in the dwindling business interests in the state, corporate or Mom-and-Pop.

Or could she?

She has gaffed twice within one week, first with her non-announcement, then her full announcement at the Santa Ana train station. Different media sources wavered with Sanchez, wondering if she was going to declare her candidacy or not. Then her War-Whoop at the California Democratic Convention has already put her on the defensive.

Like the mutant Morph, shot and killed early in the X-Men comic book series, Sanchez may be killing her own chances, running away from reporters, or trying to hide her past follies.

Local voters in the South Bay, many of whom do not pay attention to national politics, learned about Sanchez' mocking Indian-Americans. When the local news is not reporting good things about a Democratic, nothing but hard times remain ahead.

The same thing happens every time the news reports on the X-Men. They never talk about the good that superheroes accomplish. Only the bad, and everyone reads about it for at least a week, or years on end if the superhero is a Republican.

What will happen next? Prone to mistakes, and a growing fight between North and South, Latino and Establishment Liberals in California, a mutation of communistic indulgence and socialist influence, the Democratic Party should be searching for another candidate to run for US Senate, one who could unite the progressives and the Latinos, who will give credibility as well as stability, experience with action.

With delegation of 38 Democratic Congressional representatives, surely someone else besides Sanchez can step in and make the most of this once-in-a-generation Senate opportunity.

Why not Professor Xavier, i.e. Xavier Becerra?

He has taken to the national stage a number of times. He has stood against his own colleagues, when they were trying to amend Obamacare. He is a forefront leader on executive amnesty, no matter how unconstitutional, let alone immoral the action may be.

He is the cool, calm, and collected political type, though, willing to stand for principle, even if unfounded on facts and figures.

Becerra has represented the Downtown Los Angeles section for over two decades, with token opposition, if any. Major left-wing millionaires and billionaires have been working hard to gentrify Downtown for the past five years, with some successes, and the feudal takeover will reach its apex by 2020, as the city forced a $15 minimum wage hike.

File:SDCC13 - The original X-Men (9348050080).jpg
The Original X-Men (not really, from William Tung)

No doubt Los Angeles Big Labor and Big Dem donors will get behind Becerra, since he has wheeled and dealed on their behalf all these years. He has the brains, if not the brown, much like Professor X. He could bring unity as well as diversity to a fraying Democratic ticket.

Now, let's get to the nittier-grittier of an X-Man Becerra run.

Republicans, the real superheroes, need at least three Democrats to run for US Senate so that one of them can make it into the Top Two. While some conservatives remain optimistic about two Republicans sliding through because of the widening rift among Democrats, Republican activists are looking at the math and voter registration. Democrats need to pull their support three different ways in order for the diminished GOP candidates to have a chance.

Besides, with Professor X Becerra aggravating the Hispanic vote as well as the working class constituencies fed up with amnesty at the expense of local businesses, workers, and taxpayers, more disaffected Democrats may find themselves holding their noses for a Republican in 2016. Plus a strong Presidential contender who can draw Independents out for a better-than-Obama, and Republicans will find themselves riding a red wave backlash against Obama, regressive statism, and arrogant Democratic elitism.

All of which we find symbolized in Xavier Becerra, a wannabe policy wonk who thinks he has the ESP and the GOTV to win in 2016.

So, repeat after me, California GOP:

Run, X-Man, Run!

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