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Cher on Twitter?: Don't Believe!

Cherilyn Sarkisian, otherwise known as Cher, of mixed Armenian-Native American heritage, from Malibu by way of El Centro California, broke the mold in modern rock, as well as movies (Moonstruck, in which she won the Oscar for Best Actress). A celebrated part of the Television-Radio-Music hit pair Sonny and Cher, she charted her own career pathway, belting out number one hits in every decade, from the 1970s to the present day.

Cher (

Now Cher thinks that people will pay dearly to hear her thoughts on politics and foreign policy. Predictably, Cher not only comes up short, but arrogant and foolish, even laughable.

If only she had learned from Sonny (aside from his three failed marriages).

Her former better half, Sonny Bono moved on, divorcing her, then started his own business in Palm Springs. There, he got frustrated with the red tape in his new hometown. Instead of sitting around and waiting for things to get better, he ran for mayor, and won. His political career later hit the top of the charts, first when he ran for US Senate in 1992, then for Congress in 1994, elected in the GOP wave which swept the country and brought conservative balance to Bill Clinton's "New Democrat" agenda. Sadly, Bono would die in a skiing accident four years later, but his wife Mary Bono (later adding Mack after getting married again) would carry on his conservative legacy in the Palm Springs/Inland Empire region until 2012.

Sonny's rising success in right-wing circles may explain why Cher hates conservatives so much. They remind her of the successful ex-husband who dumped her, then rose to higher heights without her.

Sonny and Cher

"I got you, Babe!" Uh, not really.

Now, with so much inane liberalism coming out of her mouth, no one has to wonder why she and Sonny never stayed together. And yet her bad beat goes on, spouting off one dud after another.

Here is a sample of some her worst political hits:

In 2013, Cher called former Alaskan Governor and Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin a "dumb c--t", then smeared the Tea Party movement as "jihadists".

Then Cher tweeted the same race-baiting insensitivity-shaming about Thanksgiving:

Stealing Land,from a ppl,Who believed,Owning LAND Was LIke Owning SKY! We gave them Blankets laced w/Smallpox

So Much for being a "Half-Breed".

In 2014, she lamented her loss of faith in government. Yet she can't seem to connect the rampant failures in connection with President Obama's aggressive, progressive agenda.

"If I could turn back time. . "

In March of this year, Cher tweeted:

Fracking Kills Life & The Environment Drilling 4 Oil Kills Life & The Environment SOLAR PANELS KILL NOTHING & THE SUN IS FREE HAPPY

Ever noticed that the less informed people are, the bigger the letters in their Twitter feed?

Yes, and everyone in California loves paying nearly twice as  much for the same gasoline pumped in Rhode Island, Missouri, or just about everywhere else.

To her credit, she erupted at President Obama for losing the fight against ISIS, but has often reverted back to the same knee-jerk liberalism: Blame Bush for Everything.

Her latest tweets? New shoes and her cat. Really?! Almost makes me want to know what Prime Minister David Cameron cooked for breakfast today.

At any rate, with all the left-wing wingnut nullities coming out of Cher's mouth, I couldn't help but rewrite one of her more recent hits with a parodic twist.

Please enjoy: "Don't Believe".

First Verse

No matter how hard she tries,

Cher keeps spouting medias lies,

Which she won't think though.

She never says anything true.

It takes time to decompress from

The things that she says are so dumb

Well, I take time to think things through

And Cher -- this country is too good for you!


Do you believe that Cher has a brain?

 I can feel something inside me sayin':

"I really don't think she's smart enough! No!"

I can't believe the things that she says!

"Palin's a slut!", But she is not?

Twitter, please suspend her account! Now!

Second Verse

What were we supposed to do?

Let Saddam use the WMD, too?

Well, we wouldn't allow that.

Don't blaming the GOP for Iraq.

Bush was right: it's time to move on!

Woodward said so: Barack is wrong.

We've all had time to think it through

Cher, this country is too good for you!


I don't believe a thing that Cher tweets.

We can feel whatever, but the truth still stands

The world's a lot better without her screeds.

Don't believe a thing that Cher tweets

We all know and believe that she is wrong

Without USA, there would be no great feats.


While I know we'll overcome ISIS

Even if Cher says we're not strong

I won't read her anymore

I won't heed her anymore

We don't need Cher anymore!


Does Cher believe in life, liberty and love?

I can feel something inside me shout:

"Cher, shut up! We've heard more than enough!"

Can you believe what Cher just said?

We can all agree that she should stop.

Take a lesson from Sonny, Walker, Palin, and Cruz.

This country doesn't need you, and will never lose!

And the beat goes on! And the beat goes on. . .

Does anyone really care what Cher thinks? About anything?!
Instead of listing to "Unbelievable" Cher, we need to listen to some other hits, like "Don't stop believing"? or "I was born in the USA!". Even if Bruce Springsteen is another apoplectic liberal, his song about this country is worth listening to!

As for Cher, we ain't got you, babe!

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