Sunday, May 10, 2015

Gay Militancy Intimidates RI Internet Radio?

Since 2013, I have been a columnist, commentator, and correspondent to New England readers.

As a California conservative in liberal New England, I carved out a unique niche for a dedicated readership every week. A year later, I reached out to 990WBOB, an internet radio station and blog which Friends from the previous company.

This site seemed like a better fit.

There, I published columns correcting a Mother Jones article, and also a column criticizing a piece in Breitbart. I discussed candidate Charlie Baker’s rise in Massachusetts, and one of my favorite governors: Paul LePage of Maine (“Tell them to kiss my butt!”).

One local legislator reported to me a leftist assault which got his Facebook page shut down. A lot of readers liked that post.

As in the case above, freedom of speech has taken some heavy attacks in New England. Today I report that I have become another casualty.

Problems really surfaced when two weeks ago, 990WBOB’s editor Adam Palazio and crew announced a Veterans Day Fundraiser, called"F-Bomb Friday”:

The idea really disturbed me. F-bombs on the radio? I communicated my concerns to Mr. Palazio:

Palazio responded in a fashion I was not prepared for:

"Your writing is offensive!"
(Even if your columns get a lot of hits)

At this time Arthur we should probably part ways. Some of your articles are far more offensive then a few f-bombs.

He responded by attacking me. Neither professional nor purposeful. Really? A number of my posts received many hits and comments, while most articles on 990WBOB were getting very little attention. Palazio even wrote me a personal note telling me what a great writer I am, and compensated me.

His next comments were jarring:

Your stance on homosexuality is primitive and dangerous yet I publish your work and stand by your right to express yourself. So for you to be uncomfortable with this in anyway not only offends me but the entire team as well.

So, Palazio is leeting me go bceause of my views on homosexuality and gay marriage? “Primitive and dangerous” were his words for describing my state. For the record, I support traditional marriage and do not believe that homosexuality is genetic.

 Here are some of the columns I wrote: LGBT Caucus in Congress; RI State Senator Nesselbush. In one of my radio programs , I shared concerns about homosexual conduct, its true origins, and the need to defend religious liberty.

Not once did anyone on the media staff ask me to talk about something else.

Palazio continued:

For to long we have walked on eggshells afraid to offend anyone. It got us no were. However when I finally did trust my gut and stop being so serious I not only made a name for myself but 990WBOB as well. For you to feel this way tells me your only going to be offended sooner then later and your not among like minds. It's very unfortunate that those with the strongest opinions usually have the narrowest mindsets.

The CEO claims that he is offended, and thus everyone else is offended.  This overarching “collective entitlement” is as left-wing, anti-liberty as it gets: “You are offensive because I say so!” Then he decides that I will be offended by anything he says in the future, before anything else has been spoken. Something really intriguing as well as disturbing in this mess? Palazio wrote me a personal note calling me "a great writer" and paid me $25 for one of my columns.

These rants are not coming from The New York Times or The Providence Journal, but comments coming from individuals running alternative news sites, attacking the mainstream media.

Another point: having a strong opinion never indicates a narrow mindset. Those who have formed their conclusions through research and evidence often reach strong opinions.

No matter what the reason, however, to be summarily dismissed, without warning, is reprehensible.

Then his final comments:

You are not a good fit. I took a lot of flack for your opinions on homosexuality.  I defend you as did the company. I've decided now that we are not a good fit.

Did Cicilline pressure 990WBOB?
So, someone was giving him a hard time about my views on marriage and homosexuality. But who? Did Congressman David Cicilline (D-RI) or other politicos start intimidating Palazio? 

I finally wrote back:

I am disappointed in your lack of candor, or courage. You could have had the courage to say something - request I write on other subjects. In one sense, you are right-- it is not a good fit -- I deserve better than your lack leadership.

Sadly, in Rhode Island, this rising assault on freedom of speech is nothing new. WPRO radio host John DePetro faced an extended boycott from public sector unions because of his relentless exposes. Raymond McKay, an IT employee in Warwick, Rhode Island would have lost his job if he ran for US Senate in 2014. Now, 990WBOB’s Palazio discreetly shows me the door without notice.

Not content with businesses, churches, and charities, has the homosexual lobby begun attacking Internet media companies, too?  Now more than ever, pro-marriage and pro-family forces need to fight back and secure their First Amendment rights in the face of a growing left-wing homosexual militancy in New England, one which may have intimidated a local media site to force out one of their most talented writers.

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