Saturday, May 23, 2015

Judy Mitchell: Big Green Advocate in Red Rolling Hills

Judy Mitchell

Judy Mitchell of Rolling Hills is up for reelection this year.

Whether the residents of her community know or not, she is a vocal advocate for the Big Green agenda.

What is disturbing as well as remarkable about this development is that the communities on the Palos Verdes Peninsula were founded on a libertarian basis, a small government, live-and-let-live spirit animated the original founders of the hillside communities, where now some of the most expensive as well as beautiful real estate can be found.

The Daily Breeze reported on her 2013 appointment to the largely ceremonial mayoral post in her city:

Judy Mitchell has become mayor of Rolling Hills Estates for a third time since she was first elected to the City Council in 1999.

In addition to her post in the City of Rolling Hills Estates, Mitchell also sits on the following boards:

California Environmental Protection Agency: Air Resources Board

South Coast Air Quality Management District

Why are there so many unelected and unaccountable environmental boards, and why is Mitchell sitting on these boards?

How do these roles conflict with the best interests of her city as well as the South Bay region?

Unaccountable officials on these boards are implementing Cap and Trade, or Cap and Tax.

This agenda runs against individual liberty, local control, and even state and national sovereignty.

Middle income earners are getting squeezed in the state of California, and the Big Green agenda is the core reason why.

Residents of PV Peninsula and throughout the South Bay should be paying close attention to the November, 2015 election, and start asking Ms. Mitchell some hard questions.

Furthermore, they should question whether she belongs in office representing a region of the state where residents are dedicated to limited government, local control, and individual liberty.

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  1. I apologize for responding to this topic, when my goal is to have you consider Fairtax fine print, and the hilarious things there.

    You seem like a very smart guy, I like your writing, even if you are conservative and sling a lot of slogans. You are a thoughtful person, if a libertarian,

    I was once a libertarian myself, but the tautology of their slogans got to me. Libertains seem blissfully unaware, because the seem to think how they speak -- in slogans -- that there are competing rights.

    For example, the right to serve who you want in your own restaurant or hospital, vs the right to get service, such as a Walgreens counter. Not an easy question, at all, and to throw a slogan at it, does not help.

    Anyway, I was a Fairtax sucker, and now try to expose the fine print tricks. When you see the fine print, you might agree. You might not. Depends how tenaciously you cling to slogans.

    Fairtax slogans are wonderful. If you are an advocate, I get you have 10 slogans in your hip pocket, and three under your hat. None of them true, but slogan slingers think in terms of slogans, and assume slogans are correct.

    In the world of Fairtax fine print, the slogans are actually hilarious.

    My name is Mark Curran by the way, My email is mybookwork@yahoo. and the 50,000 dollar offer for one page of that 22 million in research, is a serious and legal offer. See details and my very amateurish blog.