Sunday, May 10, 2015

Walker: Big Threat to Marginalized Media

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is wowing crowds and wooing donors, without changing his principles are giving up his priorities. Two left-leaning media sites have criticized Walker, yet just like other fraudulent and ultimately failed critiques, these latest attacks actually bolster the governor’s credentials not only with primary voters, but with a general electorate tired of Big Government favoring a limited elite at the expense (literally and figuratively) of everyone else.

The Huffington Post reported that David Koch declared that the GOP nominee “should be Scott Walker." Why? HuffPo huffed and puffed: “Walker--a star alumnus of the Koch-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)--signed 19 ALEC bills into law, which went after unions, enacted voter ID restrictions, and made it harder to hold corporations accountable in the courts.”

Walker should be commended for his pro-worker, pro-democracy, anti-coercive unionism measures. mocked Walker’s policy views, suggesting that his conservative policies are skewing him away from the Koch Brothers’ moderate-libertarian favor. Their headline read: “Walker moved wackier than [US Senator Ted] Cruz”.

Walker said:

“The next president and the next Congress need to make decisions about a legal immigration system that’s based on, first and foremost, on protecting American workers and American wages.”

Presidential candidates who protect American workers: the left-wing media seem to find this offensive, repulsive, or ridiculous.

Incidentally, voters support his reforms pushing curtailing Big Labor (collective bargaining reform) and also against Big Business (no amnesty). No wonder the Marginalized Media see the presidential Walker as a Big Threat.

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