Saturday, May 16, 2015

LA Times Race-Baiting against Republicans

Once again, The Los Angeles Times engaged in subtle Republican race-baiting in a heavily editorialized title “Republicans block young immigrant 'dreamers' from military”. The article slams the near-unanimous vote of the conservative House majority barring legal status for illegal aliens who serve in the United States military. News Photo 060822-N-0555B-168.jpg
A naval officer taking oath of citizenship
(Christopher Blachly)
The Times’ headline implies that Republicans are blocking all immigrants from the military. No, they are not.  There are millions of young immigrants who obey the law and serve this country. The issue has never been immigration, but illegal immigration. The press should respect the dreams of residents born and naturalized in this country.
For the record, the huddled masses yearning for freedom seek the rule of law, which will mean absolutely nothing if Congress routinely passes piece-meal amnesties. Ironically, President Obama wants to welcome migrants to this county, yet his lawless, unconstitutional executive orders are undermining the very liberty which they seek.


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