Thursday, May 28, 2015

Conservatives Still Want Condi

Condoleezza Rice

One of the biggest liabilities I find among conservatives, especially in blue states, is that they want to play the larger board and win big to take back their state.

Just like the old men of Europe would sit at coffee tables and plot the best strategies for defeating the Allies or the Central powers during World War One, or the Sunday Football views play armchair quarterback on Monday following their team's stunning loss the day before, so too conservatives dream up the best political contests, whatever will bring in the biggest headlines, and pin their hopes on the potential match-up.

In California, that discussion flows toward Kamala Harris v. Condoleezza Rice for US Senate.

I contacted Shaun McCutcheon, one of the leaders connected with "Conservative Action Fund" for answers about how the money is spent through this eblast donation process. A resident of Alabama, one of the strongest, reddest bastions of opposition against Big Government and Presidenti Obama particularly,

What conservatives need to understand, what Republicans in California and throughout the country are learning, is that the fight to take back and win takes time, and cannot be pinned on one candidate fighting the fight for us.

Democrats worked the background and set the ground game long before they took the heights in a number of communities.

Political machines like Tammany Hall in New York City and throughout the Los Angeles were reaching out and bribing residents to get votes, all through "good graft" long before Democrats were buying up and slowly demolishing the United States' largest cities.

Restoration of values and promotion of our principles will take time and effort. The American Revolution was not won at the Battle of Yorktown, even though the battle was a spectacular defeat for the British, so much so that they played the hymn "The World Turned Upside Down".

Yet the shockwaves of a world turned on its head would take the world a while to wake up. It took a second American Revolution of sorts, which are National Anthem celebrates, during the War of 1812.

So, the fight for defining and establishing liberty takes time.

Now that the culture wars currently are ebbing toward collectivization and slavery, big government against the little guy, an unlimited government bolstered by unconstitutional rule, conservatives are looking for an easy way to win the fight.

Hence, the outpouring of support from conservative websites and activist funds for Condoleezza Rice to run.

She is a strong woman of compelling integrity. She stood by her administration first as National Security Advisor then Secretary of State. She had a remarkable record of fiscal prudence and academic integrity at Stanford University.

None of these accomplishments should be ignored or downplayed.

But one element which rabid activists keep forgetting: Condoleezza Rice, like an inspiring statesman, is her own woman. She makes clear-cut decisions and follows through on them because of principle, not populist pandering.

The very traits which make Condi an appealing Senate candidate thus obviate all this "Run Condi" commotion.

Leadership is not born of online petitions, or sunshine patriots glowing for the greater good, as long the greater good is evident. Leadership is born of wisdom and experience, tried and tested through hard times.

Rice did not rise to her political and military prestige through winning popularity contests. She worked hard, rolling with the punches, and punching back.

She wasn't swayed by what other people said then. What makes people think that she will be swayed now?

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