Thursday, May 21, 2015

Emerson College: California in Play for GOP

Last month, Emerson College released an intriguing poll, one which should buck up otherwise discouraged conservatives and Republicans in California.

Emerson College reports:

Hillary Clinton holds a commanding 46-point lead over Senator Elizabeth Warren, her nearest potential rival for the Democratic nomination. However, in head-to-head matchups with the top two GOP contenders, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, Clinton's 53% to 47% edge is within the poll's margin of error of +/- 3.2%.  

California Republicans are split on who their candidate will be. Among those who plan to vote in the GOP primary, Bush and Walker are tied at 17%, physician Ben Carson trails by two points at 15%, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz is at 11%. Nearly 1 in 5 are undecided.
One month later, a few more points worth taking into account include:
1. Hillary Clinton is imploding as a Presidential prospect.
2. Ultra-liberal US Senator Elizabeth Warren is getting a stronger following, including her keynote speech at the California Democratic Party convention. She had a strong showing, in spite of her repeated insistence that she is not running for President.
We heard the same thing from a number of elected officials, whether Republican or Democrat, and they have changed their minds without difficulty.
3. Scott Walker has solidified a stronger base of support throughout the country, and Jeb Bush is losing stock as a viable candidate.
The margin of error will be a moot point a year from now, whether Hillary Clinton lasts that long as a viable candidate or not. Despite the best efforts of Clinton's handlers, including the mainstream media and academia, these institutions are losing power and credibility in an increasingly micro-media world, where the mistakes of the past, whether politician or press agent, come to the forefront.
Emerson College of Boston, MA declares that California is in play.
Other issues worth noting:
4. The water issue is plaguing everyone in the state of California, and Big Green is at the forefront of it. The cruelty of this unthinking elitist agenda affects everyone, whether home-owners in suburbia or agrarian communities in the Central Valley.
5. The US Senate race is not nearly as certain as it was a month ago. One reason? Loretta "Whoop-Whoop" Sanchez has jumped in, with her hands out, her mouth open, yet not exactly landing on her feet. This divide will almost certainly bring in another Democratic contender, and the bitter divisions which follow between North and South, between business and labor, among the different ethnic groups long exploited by Democratic political machines.
Whatever a liberal poll considered likely one month ago, the shifting dynamics have without a doubt brought California back to its swing state status. California Republicans in particular, and conservatives in general, should chin up, hope for the better, and bring a restored, constitutional conservative order back to Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

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