Saturday, March 15, 2014


Shameful Display of Democratic Demagoguery
The Democratic minority in the House of Representatives is shaming Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa for shutting down a committee hearing in February 2014, and thus preventing ranking member Elijah Cummings from asking a question, when he really wanted to launch into an indictment against the Republican majority in the House.

During a hearing on the floor of the House, Democratic lawmakers flashed Ipads with Issa showing the sign to cut off the microphone for the ranking member.

From Fast and Furious to IRS Abuses, to Benghazi, to the hacking of AP reporters phone records, and now allegations that the CIA was spying on US Senate staffers, Congressman Darrell Issa has stood up to the stone-walling and truth-retreating Obama Administration. Rather than being censured, Issa should be honored for his unceasing fact-finding.

The mainstream media has given into the liberal coven which promotes, excuses, and all-too-often ignores the failings, faults, and fury of Democratic lawmakers, including President Obama, who has discredited minorities with not budgeting properly for health care, when even the well-off are finding their health insurance premiums skyrocketing.

Not Congressman Issa.

Before taking on the Chairmanship of the House Oversight Committee, Issa announced: "It's going to be acrimonious. There's no question. He [President Obama] has been one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times."

He then qualified the remarks:

"When you hand out a trillion dollars of TARP, a trillion dollars of stimulus dollars. . it's like steroids to government waste."

DOJ officials are now dead because of the felony-stupid gun-running scheme called Operation Fast and furious.

Congressman Issa has rigorously pursued the Department of Justice and the Obama Administration on the incompetent and ultimately fatal ploy to expose drug cartels along the Southern US border.

The best that the Attorney General would offer to the committee? Blank reams of paper covered in black ink, with "For internal use only."

Issa fired on the Assistant Attorney General Robert Welch:

"That's not discovery! You might as well have given us a ream still in its original binder!"

American diplomats were assaulted, tortured, and killed following the terrorist attack on Benghazi, and only after President Obama was reelected did the major media networks revisit the questionable accounts related to the American public about what happened.

Issa never backed down to finding out what really happened. While New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gave two hours to explain political pay-back traffic blocking along the George Washington Bride, President Obama has not given this country two minutes to explain the deterioration of American foreign policy, or respect for American preeminence, throughout the country, and worst of all the horrible deaths of  four diplomats who repeatedly called for extra security from the State Department, yet received none.

While Issa was pursuing the IRS' targeting of conservative political groups, Lois Lerner has refused to answer questions relating to her role or her knowledge of these egregious breaches of federal integrity. Because of her repeated reference to the Fifth Amendment, Issa decided to adjourn the hearing. Ranking member Elijah Cummings threw a fit.

Race-baiting followed, all of which condemned Issa's action as racist. The Chairman apologized, yet the bitter beating has continued, with Democrats desperate to shame the Republican majority to censure the Oversight Chairman or have him removed from the committee.

Where were the Democrats when former-Oversight Chairman Henry Waxman displayed one of the most egregious and offensive displays of partisanship in 2008? Waxman badgered EPA officials during the Bush Administration, including one particular  member, and Waxman refused to honor regular order. After repeated attempts for Waxman to respect committee procedure, Waxman hammered his gavel repeatedly:

"I will have you physically removed if you don't stop!"

Waxman's party lost the majority in 2010, and he has opted to retire this year, in spite of prior announcements that he would run again. He has yet to apologize for his abuse display. If anything, the Democratic Party's double-standard on Waxman's behavior should be enough to silence any meaningful criticism of Chairman Issa.

Let's just declare the obvious - the Democratic Party will not regain the House in 2014, and the ongoing investigations from current Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa all but ensure that Republicans will not just take back the US Senate, but complete the shellacking of 2010. The Democratic Party's naked yet enfeebled attempt to stifle the truth, particular the revelations of abject incompetence and corruption, should embolden all Americans to #StandWithIssa and demand that they stop protecting President Obama's arrogant, unconstitutional power grabs, all of which have diminished the authority of the Constitution, the integrity of the government, and diminished the security of this country.


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