Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Horror Stories of Obamacare: "WatcherJohnny"

WatcherJohnny of North Carolina: Obamacare = Obama-Don't-Care

A Gentleman named "WatcherJohnny" posted his outrage and upset about losing his health insurance, then getting a new plan, costing much more!

He called his video post "Obamacare - My First Bill"

He was forced to go from paying $153 to $451 a month. Same coverage, yet rates have almost tripled.

I sent him the following note:

Mr. WatcherJohnny - My name is Arthur Schaper, and I am sharing about Obamacare horror stories, such as yours. Individuals are trying to debunk stories such as yours. I want to debunk the debunkers -- I would like to use your story on my blog, including your Youtube video. Please contact me at ArthurSchaper@hotmail.com Thanks!
He was a small businessman, living in North Carolina.
If you want to call him a liar, be my guest.
Here are some other resources from his YouTube Page:



  1. Nothing abnormal or "unbiased" to Boy Wonder Schaper about a frothing, raving "WatcherJohnny" with his very own, anti-ACA YouTube page. Nice, um, "reporting", Ace! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How to know you're reading a crazy man's blog: A 50 year-old video of a historically out-of-touch Ronnie Reagan railing against "socialized" medicine. Wow. Nuts. Of course years later, President Reagan expanded Medicare. You know, "socialized" medicine.

  3. Well, Art, I doubt "WatcherJohnny" is his legal name, but since you are obsessed with MY name, I wonder why you didn't I.D. your little friend. BTW, the nut also has a slew of silver and gold videos on his page---a favorite of the far-right, talk radio, Glenn Beck/Sean Hannity/Limbaugh crowd. Helluva job, Boy Wonder! You got to the bottom of health care insurance in America! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  4. Jesus Christ would've been pro-ObamaCare.