Thursday, March 13, 2014

ObamaCare is Going Straight to Hell, After All!

"As far as I'm concerned, the TEA Party can go straight to hell!" -- Maxine Waters.

For the first time in years, if anyone can ever remember a fiery race-hustler getting called on their disrespectful remarks, Congresswoman Maxine Waters had no choice but to back-pedal from her crude remarks in a 2011 job forum in Inglewood.

Fox News even confronted her in the halls of Congress about her inappropriate comments. She just smiled and looked away from the camera until she escaped into an elevator.

Still, her remarks have rattled conservatives, yet mainstream affiliates pushed her to justify such outrageous remarks.

She appeared on Meet the Press and other NBC affiliates trying to justify then deflect the statements she made.

Of course, her coarse rhetoric knows no bounds, and she has uttered such offensive remarks before.

I was at a Tea Party rally in Torrance, CA, which now makes up a large part of her new Congressional district. The residents in Torrance, however, have a different view of her new responsibilities, and the comments are not good.

One lady told me: "She's awful!"

Another lady told me how she calls her office and tweets to her about the outrageous remarks she made about the Tea Party.

One wonders if she has met Reverend Jesse Peterson, who leads the South LA Tea Party. Does Congresswoman Waters think that this African-American Pastor should go straight to hell, too?

When I confronted her in a town hall meeting in September, 2013, I could not help myself:

"As far as I'm concerned, Obamacare can go straight to hell."

I was wrong-- Obamacare is already there, and taking in  its fiery, frustrating wake access to quality health care while limiting the doctors and medical specialists which Americans, young and old, can see. State insurance exchanges intended to create a competitive marketplace are crashing all over the country. While President Obama and his team tout that 4 million people have signed up, the same statistics fail to calculate that a number of those individuals have not paid their first month's premium Without and funds going into the system, there is no funding that will support the slightly greater number of poor and sick people jumping into the program, who are depending on a government subsidy to get health insurance.

Coupling these unpleasant statistics with the horror stories of individual Americans with Obamacare insurance still left paying the bill, and we can see that Obamacare is taking not just the medical profession, not just the health industry, but an unprecedented number of sick and wounded Americans with it.

Pilot to co-pilot, your health insurance is going up in flames!


  1. Tell that to the millions of people who are now covered where they weren't before and whose treatments can't be cancelled due to being maxed-out. Learn something, you ignorant asshole:
    1. Over 44 million Americans will have access to quality, affordable health insurance by 2023. 15 million are covered under Medicaid expansion.

    2. You can no longer be charged more or denied treatment for preexisting conditions.

    3. The only taxes that directly affect the those making less than $200,000 are the requirement for uninsured to purchase health insurance and the mandate for large employers to insure full-time workers. The total taxes and spending cuts actually reduce the deficit.

    4. Medicare is reformed, this includes closing the donut hole for seniors.

    5. Everyone with insurance get's free preventive services and wellness visits.

    6. 60% of uninsured Americans will have access to cost assistance, including 80% of young adults. (Cost assistance is only offered through your State's health insurance marketplace.)

    7. New consumer protections make it illegal to be dropped from coverage for any reason aside from fraud and if you are dropped you have the right to a rapid appeal within 72 hours.

    8. No more annual limits on essential health benefits and no more lifetime limits.

    9. Nutrition facts at restaurants are now required by law.

    10. You can no longer be charged more for your health insurance due to gender or health status.

    Your bullshit is easily proven wrong, asshole. Glad to do it.

  2. The ACA is the law of the land and Art doesn't like it! WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! What else would you expect from a fringe teabagger?

  3. Liz:

    Nothing says "fringe" like "Mouth-breathing, empty-headed race-baiters. Festering boils". Your words, your act, you're thourgh.

    Repost the reproach, and please sit down, Liz. Your self-embarrassment is quite entertaining.

    1. Don't know who Liz is, but I suggest you rethink telling anyone to sit down, you cretinous, mutant hermaphrodite. You are a boil.

    2. Here's a wonderful report on the greatest health care system in the world:

    3. Rachel: Thanks for your link. I checked it out.

      There were two states who enacted a state-mandate health care system: Massachusetts and Tennessee.

      Before there was Obamacare, there was RomneyCare in Massachusetts, and TennCare in Tennessee.

      For that reason, you see the depressed health care conditions in that state, along with Massachusetts, where health care costs are spiraling out off control, and where a growing number of people are either leaving the state and become dependent on the state.

      Obamacare makes TennCare worse.

      And as far as medical teams providing relief in impoverished regions, not once but twice medical professionals volunteered their services in LA, specifically at Inglewood's Great Western Forum

    4. And your excuse for the need at the Forum

      Arthur, you are spreading misinformation. Perhaps you are merely unlearned; it seems you don't really understand the issues. Reading your various posts leads me to believe you are pitifully ignorant and pushing a far-right agenda and you actually know very little about the consequences associated with such a zero-sum game. Please educate yourself, Arthur. I'm afraid you are an embarrassment to yourself.

    5. Art the Fart can't decide if Massachusetts citizens are leaving in droves or becoming "dependent". Solid 'logic" there, Artie. BTW, when Romney tried to run against his own health care plan in 2012, a WBUR poll found that 62 percent of Mass citizens polled supported the law with just 33 percent opposing it. Art the Fart's bullshit is easily swatted down because it's, well, bullshit.


    "TennCare came into being under Gov. Ned McWherter. When McWherter got approval from Washington to implement TennCare in late 1993, he said, "For the first time, we have the chance to provide affordable health coverage for every Tennessean without bankrupting our state."

    What did happen regarding TennCare and state funding?

    "Tennessee’s health care program was launched in 1994 in an effort to establish managed care for all of the state’s Medicaid population while reducing the numbers of uninsured or uninsurable in the state. Currently some 1.2 million Tennesseans are enrolled in the program."

    "Johnson says TennCare should serve as a warning for those who assume estimates for costs under health care reform at the national level will be accurate."

    Once again, Rachel, your link confirms that government overreach into health care is hazardous to our health (care).

    And for the record, the list of nations with "better" health care comes from a United Nations list, which is so biased, invalid, and unreliable, to begin with. The list does not count newborns who die within minutes of leaving the womb, for example.

    1. Oh, Arthur; you post a link to a piece that quotes the Beacon Center of Tennessee (formerly the Tennessee Center for Policy Research). Arthur, that group is a political organization, not a health care ombudsman; they are also know as climate change deniers, natural allies of the anti-ACA crowd. Arthur, you are willfully ignorant. Stop spreading misinformation and lies!

    2. Mr. Schaper, you don't know what you are talking about, re: world health care rankings. Where is a reputable ranking showing the U.S. as Number One? It doesn't exist.

  5. I love that you have an Anthem ad on this blog! I signed up with them on the Covered California site in January--I couldn't get health insurance previously as a newly self-employed epileptic (only able to be covered as an employee through a group plan) and I've started a small business--and the rate with Covered California/Anthem was a shade less than through the group plan and coverage was actually better than through the group plan. My neurologist said that the ACA is a "godsend" for his patients and that he's "thrilled" it is law. Thanks for the ad!