Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Horror Stories of ObamaCare: Near Boise, Idaho

Following my post on Obamacare Horror Stories on Canada Free Press, I received the following comment:

Posted by: Renee
Location: ----- ------ , ID

Well, here's another one...not nearly as catastrophic as cancer, but a damned inconvenience for me;

I changed jobs this past February. Apparently, my new insurance, because it was enacted before March 31, 2014, is not "grandfathered in", and one of the big selling points of ObamaCare was supposedly, "coverage for pre-existing conditions", does not count if you have insurance that existed before that date. This crapola just gets better and better. If you have to change policies before March 31, 2014, which I did with a change of employer, you're screwed. Damned bunch of Socialist liars.

And no, I did not vote for Obama (I'm conservative, and was suspicious of him), nor supported ObamaCare, BECAUSE I read the bill.

At least I only have chronic insomnia (from a chemical imbalance in the brain), but I can't see my doctor for this until November, way before which I will run out of meds, and may have to drink myself into a stupor every night (which doesn't always help) just to get a couple hours sleep. I'm sure becoming an alcoholic will be much better for me (/sarc).

I don't know what to do, other than to pay out of pocket for the rest of my life. Jobs are scarce around here, and this is a good job that I've been trying to get for 5 years. Doesn't pay worth a crap, but it's 5 mins from my house, and they don't call Idaho the "slave wage state" for nothing.


  1. Pretty simple, Renee. Visit and explore your options. You say, "apparently" when discussing your "new insurance", so you clearly haven't researched options on your own behalf. You do know you don't need to be tied to your employer's plan any longer, right?

    1. Oh, and what should I do? Waste hours of my time on your precious ObamaCare website? And have to pay four times what I already do? with a huge deductible? No thanks!

    2. That's a helluva health care strategy. You'd make a great poster girl for right-wing nutbaggery. Congratulations.

  2. From "Sara":

    I am the "Sara" Mr. Schaper referenced here. He's misrepresenting my question to him. I asked him what he was talking about, as I was writing about my personal Affordable Care Act facts, which he then offered to 'investigate". HA! Art Schaper is a laughingstock here in the South Bay, but the Covered California program has worked very well for me. I urge everyone to EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS! You are no longer dependent on your employer's insurance plans!

    Laughingstock? Really? I have seen three people use this silly reference, and use it as one word. This is the same person! You are fully exposed, Sara, or whoever you are!

    Thanks again!

    1. "Laughtngstock" is a common word, Art. And you are one.

    2. If I am such a laughingstock, then why do you keep on commenting on this blog? You take the posts seriously enough. Now who's the laughingstock? Gazing-stock is a good word, too. That would better describe your actions, non-stop attacking, as if that can quell the truth.

      Lee, you are quite a stock of laughs!

  3. I'd rather pay out of pocket than deal with ObamaCare. It would cost me a lot less. My insurance may not cover my pre existing conditions, like that lying POS Congress said it would, but I'm not spending hours on that POS website, which is chock full of security holes, I might add, just to have to pay more for socialized medicine. I take care of myself...I should have to pay hundreds, thousands extra for Mr. and Ms. Couch Potato's health insurance needs???

  4. So there's your "victim", Art. Renee won't even look at the Renee, you are an idiot who only has yourself to blame if you don't research your own health care. You heard me---you are a goddamn idiot. (So are you, Art.)