Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rep. Cummings' Mouth Needs to Be Closed

Cummings keeps coming up short
against IRS allegations
"This case is solved." -- Rep. Elijah Cummings

The IRS targeted conservative groups, according to a rising number of allegations, and especially during the 2012 election.

The FBI began investigating these invasive measures.

Key words like "Tea Party" singled out groups for further scrutiny.

There is plenty to fear from a growing government which seeks to silence individuals and private interest groups

Other reports have highlighted that IRS officials were demanding to know the contents of certain groups prayers, then withholding their taxation status.

The fact these incrimination occurred during the 2012 President election is especially disconcerting.

Now, Cummings has called out IRS wasteful spending before.

However, Cummings has stepped in the way of Oversight Committee investigations before.

While Chairman Darrell Issa was trying to get information on Operation Fast and Furious, the Assistant Attorney General Robert Welch offered nothing but plain papers covered in black ink.
After Issa demanded answers, Cummings attempt to apologize for the Committee. Issa rebuked his arrogant effort, and forced him to rephrase.

The House Oversight Committee has discovered one scandal after another from Fast and Furious to Benghazi, to IRS intimidation.

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pennsylvania) expressed the concerns of more Americans, who already fear the IRS, and the resigning official shrugged instead of evincing any outrage. Instead of sharing the concerns of the American taxpayers, Elijah Cummings wants to diminish the seriousness of this investigation outright.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) stood up to Cummings, and called him out for trying to end this investigation:

"If we did what the ranking member wanted us to do, this thing would be over. 'Nothing here. Don't do it.'"

Chaffetz then pointed out that during the hearing, the spokesperson for the President identified rogue gents involved, yet she had no power to stop them.

"When the ranking member suggested on national television and said that this case should be closed. That's wrong!

Cummings wanted to respond, arguing that Chaffetz was playing off mere talking points. The young Congressman fired back:

"To suggest that there just talking points, these are not just talking points."

In January this year, Cummings tried to tie up one IRS Commissioner, pushing the notion that his story about a list of targeted groups was or was not serious.

Later, Cummings slammed True the Vote in February this year, claiming that the non-partisan group was targeting minority communities in order to discourage their vote.

Cummings will stop at nothing to discredit anyone who is calling out the IRS scandal.

True the Vote's representative Katherine Engelbrecht responded effectively that her organization trains vote watching, but does not send individuals to different polling stations.

Despite True the Vote's intentions and actions, Cummings was playing the race card in a hollow attempt to smear her and other citizens complaining about the unethical targeting conducted by the IRS.

Then Engelbrecht fought back, and filed a formal ethical complaint against Cummings. She indicted the Congressman for sending three letters, claiming that he was launching an investigation into the interest group. Cummings never contacted her, yet pushed a defame-campaign to try and stop her.

Just this past week, Chairman Darrell Issa wanted information from the head of the IRS Division which was targeting conservative groups. Following her counsel's office, Lois Lerner plead the Fifth Amendment.

For the record, she has done this before. In this hearing, Committee member Trey Gowdy (R-South Carolina) slammed her for making assertions that she did nothing wrong, then plead the Fifth when under cross examination. She could have remained silent, but she needed to say nothing from both sides.

Now back to last week.

Lerner declined to answer any questions. The Chairman recognized that the Committee would get not information

"I have no expectation that Ms. Lerner will cooperate with this committee," Issa observed.

The Committee was adjourned, but Cummings kept it coming.

"I have a statement. I have a procedural question."

Either he has a statement or a question. He tried to grandstand to the cameras, but Issa cut off the mike.

His outrageous display was disgraceful.

Cummings then began scolding the Chairman, that brokering and adjournment was wrong, that "we are better than that as a country." Issa was willing to grant him time, but he insisted on arguing instead of asking a question.

He then clamored "I am tired of this! You cannot have this one-sided investigation."

This outburst came from the Congressman who had declared that "this case is closed." This coming from a Congressman who laments all the money that is lost every year, that his constituents do not even make $50,000 a year, yet witness tens of thousands wasted in IRS follies. This coming from a Congressman who then claims that there is no scandal, no crime, no fraud, no political intimidation when the IRS demands specifics from non-profits, predominantly conservative, who are seeking exemption status.

Congressman Cummings' mouth needs to be closed, because the IRS-gate case is far from closed.

Cummings should
keep his mouth closed.
The IRS Case is NOT closed!


  1. The IRS "case'? There IS no fucking case. Case CLOSED.

  2. The Ballad of Darrell "Mr. Grand Theft Auto" Issa, excerpted from a piece by Dana Milbank:

    Earlier in his capricious tenure, he banned Democratic witness Sandra Fluke from a panel about birth control, leaving an all-male slate of witnesses and giving his Republican Party a major embarrassment. His hearings have been chaotic affairs in which he talks over members of his panel, and he has often discredited his committee’s investigations by making incendiary accusations that turn out to be unfounded.
    His latest: speculating at a fundraiser last month about why Pentagon assets were not mobilized to protect American facilities in Benghazi, Libya, when they were attacked in 2012 because Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton “told them to stand down.” But the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee found that there were no such orders. “Well,” Issa told Fox News’s Chris Wallace when pressed about this on Sunday, “the use in answering questions in a political fundraiser, that was in response to a question, the term ‘stand down’ is not used in some sort of an explicit way.”
    On the IRS, similarly, Issa had said that it was “the targeting of the president’s political enemies effectively and lies about it,” and that he would prove it was directed “out of Washington headquarters.” But Issa found no such proof, and on Wednesday he acknowledged that “roads lead to Ms. Lerner.”
    Issa told Wallace on Sunday that Lerner’s “attorney indicates now that she will testify” after refusing to do so at a hearing last year. The lawyer denied this, and Lerner did not testify Wednesday — and that would have been the news, if not for Issa’s sound-system antics. Because it was technically a continuation of last year’s appearance by Lerner, Issa didn’t allow opening statements, and he didn’t let his Democratic counterpart speak after Lerner had declined to testify.
    “Now you’re turning me off?” Cummings said, incredulously, as Issa pressed the silencing button.

    Darrell Issa. Witch hunter. Incompetent. Car Thief. A right-wing trifecta!

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  4. "Traffic'? It's a one-car crawl, asshat. And I'm here to toy with you and your feckless, factless bullshit. "Traffic". That's rich...

  5. ""Traffic'? It's a one-car crawl, asshat"

    Asses do not travel in cars -- they use their own hooves. Hee Haw!

    If this blog gets so little traffic, then why do you even write on it? You know that it gets a lot of traffic, since even you found it, and you do not seem like the time who seeks out new information, let alone relevant as well as true.

    Repost the Reproach!

  6. The only thing "true" about this piece of shit is that--yes--it is a blog. A very bad one, poorly written, by a repetitive, dim0witted numbskull towing the right-wing line. Standard-issue, cookie-cutter horseshit, and no different than the crap posted on bad blogs all over the right-wing nutbag-o-sphere. Up your game, Junior! You need to stand out among your fellow crazies!

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