Friday, March 28, 2014

Lawless Democratic Lawmakers in CA

Charlotte NC Mayor
Patrick Cannon
Democrats are behaving badly this year, when they should be minding their manners, lest their 2014 shellacking shake them all the more.

In the supermajority Democratic states, like Illinois, Rhode Island, as well as California, politicians have been governing poorly and behaving badly, in some cases very badly. Aside from Maryland Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings' attempts to distract Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa's investigations into IRS intimidation, Huffington Post has reported Rhode Island

While right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin alleges that the Obama Administration is cleaning out their own junk before attacking Republicans later this year, the wide-ranging scandals under the Obama Administration, plus the rising conservative backlash in states like Georgia and even in Rhode Island suggest that voters liberal and conservative are getting tired of the #CultureOfCorruption endemic among Democratic politicians.
And of course, California Democratic lawmakers have been behaving badly, too.
Obamacare? Don't say that!
(Obama don't care!)
Democratic Speaker Gordon Fox's sudden resignation following FBI and IRS raids on his office; on Charlotte, North Carolina Mayor's Patrick Cannon resignation following his arrest for bribery and corruption; and also the raid on New York Assemblyman William Scarborough's office in connection with corruption investigations (two other NY state senators are under investigation, too).

In Congress, Democratic minority leader Nancy Pelosi takes reporters to task for calling “Obamacare” what it is. She then suggested that Obamacare is affordable, even though Covered California is not covering nearly as many as hoped, and in spite of the liberal LA-based magazine Jewish Journal's Jonathan Maseng lamenting the rising costs of his health insurance under Obamacare.

Now to Sacramento, where Democrats in 2012 grabbed supermajority status for the first time in decades, with a slightly more conservative Democratic governor Jerry Brown at the table. Like a doting mother keeping spoiled children in line, Brown has said yes to more spending, but also balanced budgets and vetoed some bad legislation. Still, the tale that California is in the black instead of the red is a blue myth, wounded purple by the struggling school districts still seeking funds lost from the Great Recession, plus a large case load of welfare recipients, prison overcrowding (and realignment), dry spells in the Central Valley. However, this left-leaning state may be seeing the light to the right and give the GOP a fighting chance at ending the Democratic supermajority.
From governing to behaving badly, four Democratic state senators have been implicated in public corruption, too, within a matter of months.

Wright is Wrong
In January, State Senator Roderick Wright (D-Inglewood) was found guilty of eight felony counts of perjury and voter fraud: not living in the district which he claimed to represent. Despite the convinced conviction of the jury, Wright has wrongly remained in office, and State Senate President Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) said nothing, and did even less to have Wright removed.

Ron Calderon
Cauldron of Corruption
Steinberg’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, however, as another state senator, Ron Calderon (D-Montebello), part of a connected East Los Angeles political family, has been indicted on numerous counts of pay-for-play corruption, passing tax credits for hospitals and the movie industry for cash. Though indicted yet not convicted (despite the  evidence against him, though technically innocent until proven guilty), Steinberg has pressured Calderon to step down.

Leland Yee: Indicted
This week, the cauldron of corruption is heating up in Sacramento, as another state senator, Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) was hauled away in handcuffs, arrested for more of the pay-for-play, but also gun-running with organized crime (and possible connections with Islamic militants) A state senator who hated guns and preached transparency, Yee has exposed the exact opposite. Steinberg urged Yee to resign of face suspension (not expulsion, though), and now Senate President is prepping to follow through (Yee will still get paid, though).

And now incoming State Senate President Kevin De Leon (D-Los Angeles) may be connected to according to American Thinker, State Senate President Darrell Steinberg, who may be the core of the rotten core that is the Democratic dominance in California politics today.
Kevin de Leon (Smiling, for now)
Calderon’s corruption, too. When will this not-so-merry-go-round of corruption end? Better yet, how many state senators does it take to root out the corruption in Sacramento? Only one,

While Democratic lawmakers in deep blue states have been up to no good this year, and all before April Fool’s Day, sunny California has had a dark forecast of corruption cast over the statehouse, but GOP hopes are breaking forth, from a central valley state senate upset, to a restored GOP mayor in San Diego, and another GOP win in the Inland Empire.

With an extensive record of Democrats behaving badly, and Republicans winning again, let’s hope that California voters stop the foolishness in Sacramento and vote the lawless Democratic lawmakers out of office in November.


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  2. Another WONDERFUL READ from you always!

    What's a matter Lee? Truth hurts eh? I guess when it finally slaps YOU in the face and your pocket book starts to hurt because of your denial of the TRUTH...there may finally be a rude awakening. Take off your "denial jacket" and come to the light Lee...we are all here waiting for you...

  3. I fear that Lee loves the darkness too much. But that will not stop the light from shining, now, will it?

  4. I was born and raised in the state of California. I have seen the good times and the bad times. It is now time to prosecute these corrupt Politian's and throw them in jail. I do not want to see my tax dollars going to pay the wages of these corrupt representatives who are not doing their jobs, instead they are in it for themselves, not to help their constituents. We must weed out the rest of the corrupt politicians and start with a clean slate. There are many honest candidates that would be happy to help save the state of California. Jerry Brown is an alarmist and has no solutions to the state's problems. He made a big deal about the drought and it is not the first drought that this state has faced. His solution is to cut back on our water usage. There are people on the central coast who have been waiting for the state to build a desalinization plant. There is one in Carlsbad that has been quite successful.The people of California need to stop looking to the media for information on the candidates. People need to go out and meet them in person and develop their own opinions instead of relying on the liberal media for the truth. You will not find the truth there. That is why I never watch any of those political programs, I have my own opinions and I do not need theirs!!! I met Tim Donnelly in person several years ago and have been following his political career. He is a common sense candidate who actually cares about the citizens of California. Have you heard the quote, "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results," by Albert Einstein. If you vote or voted for Jerry Brown then that is exactly what you were doing. Let's stop the madness and elect a common sense candidate, Tim Donnelly for Governor.

  5. I'm with you Karen!! This JERK Lee was a very dangerous man...and how in the world he ever got himself into office?? Well...I guess we shouldn't be surprised should we?

    This gave me chills...."Lee wasn’t involved in just the illegal transport and exchange of any old guns. The man who said that people shouldn’t need automatic weapons was, according to local San Francisco station KROV, Channel 4, acting as a go between agent between Muslims in the Philippines, allegedly the terrorist group the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, and individuals in the U.S. to buy shoulder fired automatic weapons and missiles." .....and yes, he CLAIMED to be one of the top opponents to the Second Amendment in our state. It's time to CLEAN HOUSE people!! In a BIG BIG way!!

  6. Please provide the links for the stories on Lee's gun-running. Politico buried the story, and it looks as if the LA Times and Huffington Post, those "mainstream" publications, will not look into this dangerous undercurrent of criminality flowing out the Sacramento Democratic Supermajority Sewer.

    Breitbart reviewed the fears of gun-control groups, what Yee's indictments will do to the whole gun-control agenda.

  7. Here's the AP report from the Union Democrat:

  8. Sorry Art..forgot to link it: Also, they got his name's not Lee but Yee as we all well know :)


    Here's another...been reading it all over the net....this guy is going down...and hopefully more heads will roll in coming months.

  10. I keep forgetting -- Lee is the troll, Yee is on trial, and We the People are all shouting #ImTiredOfThis! Hopefully, a conservative GOP trail of cheers is awaiting us in 2014.

    Thanks for commenting, everyone!

  11. Hey Bren, you ignorant dumbass--it's YEE, not LEE. Congratulations, you jackass-- you are so goddamn stupid that you can't even get someone who you allege is so bad for California's last name right.You are a babbling, no-nothing moron. Are you Art's long-lost sister or something?

  12. Timeline: 4:15 PM, Bren calls Yee "Lee", and repeats the wrong name in her comment. 4:44 PM: Bren blames her drooling ignorance on the infamous "they", writing "they got his name's not Lee but Yee as we all well know :)" Well, you didn't know at 4:15 PM, did you, you dumb-as-dirt, "I-get-my-news-from-right-wing-websites-Fox-"News"-and- talk-radio" fool. HAHAHAHA!!!!! Nice one, Bren! Such knowledge of our elected officials, you fucking idiot.

  13. California has been plauged with a cesspool of voter fraud, so I have taken it upon myself, along with some close friends, to investigate a few senators we know to be involved because the Pro Tem Senator Darrell Steinberg, openly admitted to knowing of voter fraud in California, all while the district attorneys have turned a blind eye.  More shockingly, Democratic (and pro gun advocate) Rodrick Wright was singled out for his voter fraud, all while 90% of the legislation is guilty of the same thing. Senator Steinberg openly admitted that most of the legislator are renting out apartments and living in Sacramento, all while suppose to be living in their respective districts. Rodrick Wright was seriously, singled out, no joke.  He did not fit in line with California democrats and was permanently suspended with pay, and a convicted felon.

    Video below of us asking Steinberg about voter fraud "during coffee with your Senator" on April 1, 2014:

    Then we have Dr Richard Pan, running for Senator in Sacramento in 2014, however, he lives in a different district as well, in Natomas.  Darrell Steinberg admitted that Richard Pan is in fact, carpetbagging, a term used in California when a senator or assemblyman lives in a different district than the one they are suppose to be representing.  We have witnessed Dr Richard Pan in Natomas checking his mailbox and have photos of him running to his mail box and running back inside to try and hide from us watching him.  Not only did Senator Darrell Steinberg call out Dr Richard Pan, but he also called out Mimi Walters and Jim Neilsen, as they are all invoved in the same type of voter fraud the Rodrick Wright was involved in.

    Audio below taken during "coffee with your Senator" on May 5, 2014:

    We have visited Pans place in Sacramento, and we have knocked on the door for days on end and no one has answered.

    Now for the big question:  Why was Senator Wright singled out, but not the rest?  This is also not a single party issue, both parties are involved and both parties should pay for this!  Those District Attorneys need to also be investigated for their inaction in these matters.

    When will our elected representative and law enforcement officials do what is right and charge criminal behavior as it is documented rather than support the oligarchy?


  15. David Gunshots: Thanks for this info! Wow! I heard that voter fraud was an issue, but now I understand the points that you are making about why protect Wright, but not anyone else. . .

  16. I also contacted everyone I could, DAs, sheriffs, legislators, SOS, Attouney General, etc.... NOTHING IS BEING DONE ART! NOTHING!!!

    If you wish to contact me, my email is