Thursday, March 29, 2012

ObamaCare and the Environmental Protection Agency

The federal government cannot compel states to pass laws. This essential element protects the framework of federalism originally intended by the Framers of the Constitution. Nevertheless, the massive fourth branch of government, administrative agencies, continue to pressure states to enact legislation in line with gargantuan oversight laws from the federal government. The Environmental Protection Agency is one member of this officially unrecognized Fourth Branch of Government.

Enforcing a contract is not the same thing as compelling someone to enter a contract. Yet the latter offense is precisely what the ObamaCare mandate intends to do if allowed to remain enforced.

From unwanted agencies to unacceptable intrusions into the private lives of Americans, where does the Federal Government end and the several states and private citizens begin?

Like a similar argument linking Social Security and ObamaCare, the more liberal justices have also attempted to justify the massive health insurance mandate as akin to the already extant Environmental Protection Agency. Of course, such an argument only supports all the more repealing not just ObamaCare, but every other system under the elusive Fourth Branch of Administrative Fiat in Washington.

ObamaCare would entrust to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats life and death decisions which war against free enterprise, common sense; moreover, this move to centralize health insurance markets all but guarantees a decline in quality and care of service. Such has been the fallout of the EPA's boards, committees, and bureaucratic tussles that have stifled investment and pushed back against building permits and expansion throughout the country.

The federal government cannot make the quick and vital decisions that affect the environment, the health insurance industry, or the lives of individual citizens affected by either. We have witnessed the grand failure of government to fulfill even the enumerated powers of the Constitution. It is time that the Supreme Court and every state government in the union demanded that Big Government take a Big Step Back and leave us alone!

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