Sunday, May 22, 2011

Three Republicans Refuse to Run . . Now What?

Some Republican walkers, runners, pundits, and supports may look at the sudden reconsideration and refusal of number of potential Republican candidates for the 2012Presidential Elections with some trepidation, if not dismay.

Where have all the good candidates gone? Who will have the right mix of integrity, ingenuity, and intellect to persuade a wary electorate to vote for them in the face of the "We-are-the-Change-we-have-been-waiting-for" inanity of the current President?

Just because a worthy standard bearer for the party has not emerged, Republicans, and the nation at large, has nothing to worry about. In fact, the efficient winnowing process has more than ensured that the final nominee will command the allegiance of a significant and diverse electorate, not just within the Republican Party, with disaffected voters of all stripes.

Tim Pawlenty, former Governor of Minnesota, will announce his decision to run (or not). Herman Cain, well-established business mogul and radio host, has declared his candidacy, along with Ron Paul, another darling of the Tea Party who is commanding a growing legion of respect among voters, not just political wonks and college grads.

We still have not heard from Sarah Palin, which is all for the good. Mitt Romney has enlarged his war chest significantly, yet elections over time have asserted that money cannot buy elections. Newt Gingrich is foundering beneath his immediate change of mind and plans, almost as irresolute as his marriage vows.

There is still time for galvanizing potential candidates like Governor Rick Perry and Chris Christie to reconsider their disinclination to run.

Anything can happen, and this heighten, heated uncertainty is only a good thing!

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