Thursday, May 19, 2011

Obama must Pull Back on Pushing for Israeli Pullback


After all that the United States has done for the Jewish State, not to mention the incredibly important anti-terrorist fighting of Israel, President Obama wants the Jews to retract their nation back to 1967 borders.


That lands has belonged to the Jews ever since God himself made the covenant with the Partiarch Abaraham.

Christians and Muslims coexisted peacefully with the Jews in Palestine for centuries. Only recently have radical Muslims proclaimed Jerusalem as one of the Holy Sites of the Islamic faith. For hundreds of years before, they didn't care. Only when a well-established well-run Jewish State reappeared, just as the Prophets of old foretold, did radical Muslims get up in arms about the Holy Capital of the Jewish State.

Modern Israel has adeptly accomated the Arab/Muslim populations in its midst and in the near vicinity. In contrast, the Virulent Islamic Radicals forcibly created a permanent underclass of displaced Arab.Muslim rebels, refusing them citizenship in Jordan or surrounding Arab nations. Since then, they have unrighteously damned the rightful placement of the Jews in Palestine as "The Occupation".

In the face of virulent abuse from menacing opposition parties which refuse to compromise, President Obama still insists that Israel offer more concessions to the Palestinians. The Palestinian "state" (hardly a "nation" by definition) is ruled by the elected leadership of Hamas/Fatah (former rivals now sharing power), a political entity which blatantly repudiates the "Zionist Enemy" and all her supporters (especially the United States).

When Israel gave Gaza to the Palestinians, they not only elected Hamas, but the newly-elected leadership in that now-terrorized snippet of land instigated on-going rocket attacks against Southern Israel, impoverishing their own people while using defenseless women and children as shields against Israel's justified defense maneuvers. This recent failure of diplomacy demonstrates once again that every time Israel makes concessions to the Palestinians, the PLO, Hamas, Fatah, etc. fire back: "Death to Israel!"

No amount of counsel, diplomacy, agreements, arrangements, hopes, dreams, fears, , manipulating, cajoling, or outright pleading will produce peace in the Middle East. Israel wants to promote freedom and democracy; the Palestinians "Leadership" does not. Israel values human life: Jew, Arab, and Christian; the radical Muslims do not, glorifying despicable suicide bombers who massacre innocents in public places. Israel has always been willing to negotiate, with the understanding that that the Palestinians cease attacking Israel, respect the rights of all people (including their own), and support the peace process. The Palestinian people, however, incessantly bombarded by Anti-Semitic and Anti-American Propaganda, have been indoctrinated into refusing peace with a "Satanic" nation which they sincerely, insanely believe has no right to exist.

Snap out of it, President Obama! We must protect and support the Jewish people and the Jewish State in their fight for survival, in their on-going operations against terrorism and radical Islam, which not only threaten the Western way of life in the Middle East, but endanger the peace and safety of the world at large.

We have no business dictating to Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli people how big or small their nation should be. We must press for reasonable concessions from the Palestinians, including full and irrevocable recognition of the State of Israel, renunciation of terrorist activities, and full freedom of right and movement for all inhabitants in the region: Jew, Christian, and Muslim.

Along with the capture and execution of mass-murderer Osama bin Laden, complete support and advocacy for the State of Israel would culminate a fruitful and meaningful Middle Eastern foreign policy.

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