Friday, May 27, 2011

MedicareReform Needed; Medicare Message also Needed

Congressman Ryan's plan is a good plan.

He is the first Congressman to have the guts to propose a comprehensive overhaul of Medicare.

His proposal can be articulated neatly and effectively.

Why won't the Republican majority do what needs to be done?

Too many of them seem attached to their seats. Budget reform is still not enough of a viable option for many Congressmen.

Enough bold, well-minded individuals can make it clear: the status quo is unsustainable. The Democrats want to support the Status Quo. The Republicans want to take steps to safeguard the interests that today's Americans will have something to collect later in life.

How does a voucher help? You choose where to spend your money!

You choose where you spend your money!

This simple mantra makes it abundantly clear: you choose, you spend, your money! Who would not want that? Why can't the republicans come up with this simple message?

Stop trying to sell people on the specifics. Tell then what they outcomes will be: money still available without huge deficits dragging down the future of this country.

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