Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hezbollah Calling the Shots, Shoots Itself

Hezbollah, the terrorist state-within-a-state in Lebanon is calling on the people of Syria to stand by Assad.

What power they had as king-makers and shot-callers in the region, they have shot their credibility leaning on the wrong side of this conflict.

Assad is finished. The Shiitie-Alawite clan which has strangled the life out of the Sunni majority is losing its grip. There is great hope that the Sunnis will rise to power.

Why is Nasrallah, the head o Hezbollah, sticking his nose into this conflict, standing by the embattled ruling elite of Syria, whereas he applauded the populist uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt?

Because Assad is a Shiite, Hezbollah is Shiite, Iran is Shiite. This is a crude attempt at a naked power grab by the Minority faith of Islam.

How terrible it would if the universally humane desire for freedom deteriorated into a broader Sunni-Shi'a civil war.

At any rate, Nasrallah may very well have inadvertently discredited Hezbollah in the region, having championed a very unpopular leader, certain to lose, having already lost the respect of his people and the international community.

Hezbollah may have done more damage to itself than six weeks of fighting could between Israel and Lebanon five year ago.

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