Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Janice Hahn and Her Position (?) on Israel

I am not convinced that Councilwoman Janice Hahn will be "Pro-Israel" if elected House Rep for the CA-36th Congressional District.

Consider her wishy-washy appraisal of conflicts stifling the peace process ("The 36th Contenders"). Hahn openly chides the Israelis, specifically the Prime Minister, that they "probably (italics mine) didn't help the peace process" by announcing the construction of new settlements during Vice President Joseph Biden's March 2010 visit to Israel--settlements which Jews have a right to build in Jewish territory in the Jewish state, no less. While scolding the Israelis, she ignores the role of the Palestinians when stating that "the focus on the settlements was unhelpful to the peace process." Refusing to hold both sides accountable, declining to make judgments on these issues expose her mentality to choose positions that ingratiate her to all parties rather than take a stand for something on principle.

In response to President Obama's call for Israel to recede back to the indefensible pre-1967 borders, Hahn dithers that she was 'concerned about his remarks.' Concerned how? That his proposals go too far? Not far enough? Stating a state of mind does not convey views and values, a necessary prerequisite to getting votes to represent a broad constituency.

Hahn will not articulate a solid explanation or solution for the impasse in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It's apparent that President Obama and her party does not take the territorial integrity or existence of the Jewish State very seriously. Her unwillingness to hold anyone accountable or agree to a specific outcome in the "peace process" highlights the fact that Janice Hahn is a follower, not a leader, a legacy which has long haunted her tenure as LA City Councilwoman. .

Contrary to Mr. Lowenfeld's opinion, there is nothing to support the impression that as a House Rep for the CA-36th , Janice Hahn will buck her party and vote in the best interests of Israel.

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