Monday, May 23, 2011

Congratulations, Mr. Huey

Dear Mr. Huey:

Congratulations on entering the two-candidate run-off out of sixteen candidates for the 36th Congressional District.

Janice Hahn has already attempted to tarnish you as some out-of-touch Tea Party candidate. Yet if more people become aware of how devastating Democratic, statist principles have undermined the core power and values of this country, patriotic voters throughout the South Bay will choose you.

I also submit that attention to fiscal issues at the expense of divisive social issues will be more effective in reaching moderates who vote their wallet more than their Bible.

In her campaign, Hahn hammers stresses she can create jobs. I wonder how successful she has been at promoting commerce in her own council district, which includes the struggling San Pedro downtown area (where she allowed parking fees to be jacked up an astounding 400%!) and the troubled Watts area which still languishes economically. One resident sarcastically commented that her only real achievement for her district was finding a new home for Reggie, the pet alligator run amok in Lake Machado, a costly effort which tied up needed resources for a community still struggling with gang crime and unemployment.

For all purposes, Hahn is an out-of-touch career politician who has already sought higher office while still the rightfully and dutifully elected representative for the 15th Council District in Los Angeles. She has not ingratiated herself to the residents of her district. She has even been exposed by local media for using excessive energy, even when the LA City Council directed her I sincerely hope that the residents of this long and diverse congressional district will appreciate the momentous implications of this race and elect a tried-and-true fiscal conservative who will tackle this nation's budgetary problems and invigorate economic recovery.

Before I end this letter, I submit one question to you, which I am sure you and your staff have already deliberated on at length:

How do you, a small businessman from Palos Verdes, plan on reaching out to the independents and the large number of registered Democrats in this seaside district, which stretches from San Pedro to Venice?

I do not ask this question to mock or disparage your chances, for if New Jersey Governor Chris Christie could win the governorship in a state with a 2-to-1 Democratic majority, you certainly have more than a remote chance of replacing Jane Harman as the 36th's next House Representative.

Thank you for your time. Good luck to you, Mr. Huey.

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