Saturday, May 28, 2011

Janice Hahn Strikes a Low Blow

Janice Hahn is hyping her Pro-Choice stance in an attempt to scare prospective voters in California's 36th Congressional District (CA-36th) from voting for her Republican opponent, whom she mischaracterizes as an "out-of-touch" Tea Party extremist.

In fact, Hahn has only confirmed how out of touch she is: out of touch with the needs of her constituents, and out of touch with the voters' capacity to discern when a candidate is debating a valid issue versus simply throwing up a distraction to minimize a poor record of service. Hahn's open attack is just a petty smear to distract the voters of this district from the economic realities which would imperil any Democratic candidate's candidacy.

The State of California has 12+% unemployment, worse than any other state in the Union. President Barack Obama, Former house Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic demagogues spent more time shoving an unwanted medical mandate down the throats of the American people instead of making necessary reforms to improve our nation's economy. The United States is still facing trillion-dollar deficits plus a growing $14 trillion national debt which will sink our bond ratings, cripple our borrowing capacity, and scare away future investors. In two years, Democratic cabal of out-of-touch liberals in Congress have only deepened this nation's economic crises. Janice Hahn would be one more nail in the coffin of this nation's recovery from the Great Recession.

What is Ms. Hahn's record for improving the business climate in her Council District? Pretty abysmal at best. The Cruisline Industry in the Port of Los Angeles is lagging during this nation's slow recovery. Downtown San Pedro is turning into a failed ghost town. She even sat back while the parking fees went up 400%! Hardly a way to drum up business for a struggling business area.

During her tenure on the Los Angeles City Council, Hahn and her colleagues have failed to balance a budget, to resolve staggering pension liabilities, and to stave off massive layoffs--all major problems which our next Congressman will have to face.

Hahn has not distinguished herself as a constituent, a councilwoman, or candidate for Congress. The CA-36th needs a Representative who understands the needs of the entire district, from San Pedro to Venice, and every city in between. We need a Congressman who will advocate for us in a chamber of 435 ambitious pols who stop at nothing to beef up their own districts. Hahn is nothing more than a limited, lackluster politician who coasted to office on the coattails of an established name, who seeks to advance only one constituency: herself.

Janice Hahn is not the candidate for the CA-36th.

On July 12, for California's 36th Congressional District, vote for Craig Huey!

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