Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sanctions against Syria: It's About Time (Or Is It Too Late?)

Recently, President Obama has now extended sanctions against the widely unpopular President Bassar Assad of Syria and high-ranking officials who work close to him.

What took the President so long, to call out the President of Syria for perpetrating human rights abuses against his own people, not just when the protests heated up the the Middle Eastern police state north of Israel, but ever since he took power?

This reticence on the part of President Obama to call out the oppression perpetrated by rogue heads of state in the Middle East is simply unacceptable.

This country deserves a chief executive who will make the hard decisions quickly, and make the obvious ones expeditiously. For years, soft-pedalling liberalism has sought to normalize relations with countries whose standing governments are hostile to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. With the upswing of populist repulsion against illegitimate rulers in the Arab World, the chief executive of the most powerful country on earth must speak out on behalf of the rebelling masses, demanding the rapid transition from insufferable rulers to democratic governments based on widespread suffrage.

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