Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mr. Gingrich, Please Leave

Mr. Gringrich has been in the race for President for only one week, and already he's struggling with damage-control.

Then again, his life following his departure from the House of Representatives as its beleaguered, ineffective Speaker to the present has been a natty exercise in cleaning up his own messes, explaining away past mistakes, and hiding latent indiscretions.

It appears that many have already forgotten the many strikes already lined up against "Mr. Gingrich for President":

For starters, this man cheated on his wife not once, but twice, having stepped out on his first wife and then on his mistress, who became his second wife, all while prosecuting President Bill Clinton for lying under oath about his infidelity with a staff intern. I wonder what goes through the mind of Wife Number Three every time someone brings up these unpleasant, previous problems. Now, I am all for forgiveness and remembering not former sins, but Mr. Gingrich has a penchant for minimizing his gross personal misconduct as "mistakes", only to engage in them again. It's one thing for a man to fall and rise again, but its inexcusable for a man to excuse himself endlessly.

Then there are his seeming reversals time and again over cap-and-trade legislation. But the epitome of disqualifying misjudgements was his unqualified judgement of Congressman Ryan's budget proposal as "right-wing social engineering." Tea Party advocates of all stripes want less government, less manipulation, less engineering. If Gingrich cannot cast his own constituents in a favorable light, then he has no business attempting to represent them in his run for nationwide office.

Mr. Gringrich, do yourself, your party, and your country a favor:

Please leave the 2012 United States Presidential Race!

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