Monday, May 23, 2011

Republican Revival in the South Bay

Throw up your hands and shout "Hallelujah!" A new day is dawning in the South Bay: the Resurrection of the Republican Party.

For years, the socially moderate, fiscally conservative California 36th Congressional District (The "CA-36th") stretching from Venice to San Pedro has elected confirmed Democrats. The previous representative, Jane Harman, spouse of wealthy (are recently deceased) media magnate Sidney Harman, championed local industries and national security, but on all other issues the Blue Dog Democrat voted the Donkey Democrat party line.

Now that she has been raptured away to head some inane Washington Think Tank, the CA-36th must choose a candidate to replace her, who will either be life or death to the economic recovery of this district:

1) Janice Hahn, established and well-known incumbent of the Los Angeles City Council, current representing LA City's 15th Council District, which includes San Pedro, Wilmington, and Watts.


2) Craig Huey, an outsider from politics and small businessman of Rancho Palos Verdes, who has articulated a cogent message to promote fiscal discipline for a district and a nation too long on the wrong track.

For too long, the CA-36th tolerated a Blue-Dog Democrat who voted more and more like a stubborn statist mule pulling delegated powers into the hands of government while pushing out constitutional rights and guarantees. The best remedy for this reactionary liberalism is an infusion of fresh, fiscally-conservative, constitutional sound values to the CA-36th. This Republican, sticking staunchly to fiscal discipline, may carry the day against an established liberal incumbent with family name and district-wide recognition.

As a newly-elected member of Congress, Mr. Huey can help redeem this district, whose business climate has struggled in the midst of the Great Recession that has covered the land. With small-business sense and savvy, he can protect the needs of the large business constituency in the CA-36th as well as champion the larger corporations burdened with heavy taxes and onerous job-killing regulations. At the top of that list of Government intrusions, list ObamaCare, an outrageous unnecessary and dysfunctional mandate which Mr. Huey will assist in repealing while in office.

A firm supporter of Israel and the United States, Mr. Huey wishes to strengthen our ties with our closest ally in the Middle East, rather than pressuring to give up their land, as did President Obama in his proposal for the Jewish state to revert to its indefensible 1967 borders. Mr. Huey also supports a robust foreign diplomacy which defends this nation's at home and abroad, neither gutting or undermining the core constitutional mission of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Despite a list of impressive and respectable values, many may challenge that Craig Huey has no business seeking political office in light of his lack of political experience. In response, it is precisely his outsider status that makes him an excellent and well-qualified candidate for national office. He is even pledged to term limits both for himself and for all members of Congress to avoid becoming an out-of-touch career politician.

In contrast, Janice Hahn has a penchant for seeking higher office at every opportunity, having sought the CA-36th seat in 1998, then lost, then ran for LA City Council (riding on the power of the Hahn brand more than her own qualifications
), and while in office running for Lieutenant Governor. She seems to spend more time running for office instead of running her office, a controversy which has not enlarged her following. A number of constituents have denounced her lack of attention to the district. She has pretty much sat by, watching the near-decay of Downtown San Pedro, including the exorbitant hike in parking fees for a region desperate to create business, not scare it away. The Cruiseline Industry is also is also suffering, despite the tepid recovery in the Port of Los Angeles port traffic. Where is Janice Hahn to help her constituents. Contrary to the assertions of her campaign, her political discretion has betrayed her inexperience with creating jobs and improving local economies.

An political opportunist who supports state intervention in the economy ( a dead-on-arrival approach to any economic recovery), she touts her long-standing endorsement of green technologies, which siphon away jobs rather than create them. Janice Hahn has not demonstrated that she would be worthy of representing the greater CA-36th.

Let us hope in the ensuing months that residents in the CA-36th will pay attention to the fiscally-conservative argument of native son Craig Huey, whose views and attitudes will jump-start a district still struggling to increase trade and prosperity in the aftermath of a decimating housing crash and an anemic recovery.

Political, Fiscal, and Moral Revival is sweeping the land. Let's just hope that everyone gets swept up in the spirit of the new times!

Vote Craig Huey for the CA-36th!

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