Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Exhumation of Salvador Allende, Ressurrection of a Protest

The nation of Chile has authorized the exhumation of the body of deposed (and self-ending) former President of Chile, Salvador Allende. The next of kin of the long-deceased President gave their blessing to the autopsy, yet they believe that the Chilean government will not discover anything new.

What are the Chilean officials trying to find out? During the coup of September 11 1973, did the beleaguered President actually kill himself with a shot to the head (as most official records contend); did a faithful second finish him off after he failed to end his life; or was he killed by the soldiers at the behest of General Augustin Pinochet?

Rather than investigating the death of a former Marxist, Chile and the world should pay attention to the rise of another rabid Marxist-erstwhile-Communist in Peru. Scholars, politicians, pundits, and the public all need to consider how to depose another communistic head of state, Cesar Chavez of Venezuela, a blood-thirsty, deceitful, arrogant tyrant who has all but decimated the domestic economy of his country with socialist ruination, alienating Venezuela from the concord of his nation with his normalizing overtures to Iran and other terrorist entities and his despicable repudiation of Israel and the Jews of his homeland. Not to mention his overt violation of human rights, from shutting down opposition radio stations, to seizing private property, to silencing the very students who had vocally supported him in the past.

Rather that speculating on the cause of death of a defunct Communist President, let us reflect on the heinous folly of the ideology on which he had propelled himself to national office. A communistic regime would more than certainly have dragged Chile into the Soviet Union's baneful sphere of influence. The communist economic program of ubiquitous state control would have destroyed Chile's economy and impoverished the Chilean people long after Allende would have left office (if ever). Past question, if Allende and his Communist ilk had remained in power, Chile would not enjoy the free market prosperity which has propelled the nation past its neighbors and that helped guide the Chilean people through horrendous earthquakes and the near-disastrous humanitarian crisis which imperiled the now world-renowned Chilean miners.

Rather than probing the dead body of socialist President Salvador Allende, who ironically enough would have been anything but a savior to his fledgling country, let us ponder the cold carcass of Communism, a bereft social and economic agenda which has led to the death of hundreds of millions (more than the fascism of Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo), the degradation of nations throughout the globe to this day, the impoverishment of millions then and now. In spite of the irrefutable evidence of Communism's intellectual and moral bankruptcy, the false prophets of Marx and Engels, armed with Ph.D.'s and protection as tenured University professors, are still indoctrinating Western youth en masse. Seduced into yearning for the phony utopia of a classless society at the barrel of gun, the brazenly sport the vulgar-chic commie icons of Che Guevara and Maoist China, ignorant of the world-wide and long-term destruction waged by these enemies of humanity.

The exhumation of Salvador Allende, rather than merely determining inconsequential causes and verifying long-forgotten reports of a bloody coup, should be the opportunity for the nation of Chile and the world to excoriate once and for all the defeated Communist agenda and glory in the robust prosperity of free-market Capitalism.

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