Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Google Anti-Free Speech Tyranny Must End

Google is a fascist organization.
The lunacy of this program has hit new lows. The YouTube freaks just down my channel, even when one of my videos was ATTACKING Anti-Semitism.
The whole industry needs new blood and real competition. There is no excuse for these platforms to advertise themselves as committed to freedom of speech and expression, when they have spent more time shutting down dissent and undermining the First Amendment.
Anti Anti-Semite Video Struck Down on YouTube too
Above, you will see the notice that I received from YouTube when they took down my video blasting anti-Semitism.
I will have the video prepared for everyone to see very soon.
At this time, I just want everyone to know that I am taking steps to get away from the abusive Big Tech cronies who want to shut down views and values which they do not agree with.

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