Saturday, July 11, 2015

Wright Gamed the System: Now Represents Gaming Systems

From the Sacramento Bee, I learned that convicted felon former state senator Roderick Wright returned to Sacramento as a lobbyist for the gambling industry.

Wow. Just wow. So, this is how California politics works?  Get elected, commit some crimes, get removed from office, then return as a lobbyist. Influence peddling and a higher salary, without the stress of getting elected or listening to constituents.

There should be a law to bar convicted felons in public integrity crimes from operating as lobbyists.

The SacBee article began with this statement:

California gambling interests welcome Rod Wright back to Sacramento
Former state senator resigned last September after perjury conviction

Right away there's a problem. Wright was convicted of voter fraud and perjury. Eight counts. That's a big deal. Eight counts.

Roderick Wright (Neon Tommy)


He may have left the Capitol amid controversy last fall, but former state Sen. Rod Wright was welcomed back warmly on Thursday at an Internet poker conference hosted by Capitol Weekly.

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