Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The NRSC Called: They Can't Have My Money (Yet)

I get emails and phone calls every week from the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Don't get me wrong: I love the US Senate!

They are the august body, the chamber where hot, heated populist ideas go to cool off.

Unfortunately, it seems that in the last few years, the US Senate has become the cauldron for Big Government cronyism, and the more popular House of Representatives has had to stop the juggernaut of Obama's negative, disgraceful and unconstitutional policies.

Like many conservatives, I was thrilled beyond measure to see the Republican Party sweep nine seats into the GOP column, and wipe out an unprecedented five Democratic incumbents.

Colorado's Cory Gardner ran one of the smartest, if not the best, campaigns in recent memory, taking away a number of hot-button issues and pushing back against the left-wing Big Blue machine threatening to turn the Colorful State into another shade of blacked blue.

Joni Ernst of Iowa was a hit and hoot, as she promised to go to Washington DC and make them squeal.

Tom Cotton of Arkansas is a born fighter and he put the entire US Senate on notice about any Iran Deal. At one time, he was the most powerful man in the upper chamber.

Of course, Rand Paul has actually talked the talk and filibustered dubious executive nominees and killed bad legislation. That's what filibusters are for. Mike Lee of Utah has worked with grassroots and Tea Party crowds throughout the county, telling them to brace for the long haul.

Aside from these outstanding senators, the problem of status quo inaction remains.

The problem is -- aside from some outspoken conservatives, there has been too much business as usual. Majority Leader McConnell forced through Keystone, even though the President vetoed the legislation, and before that the Democrats had decided to eat one of their own and kill the legislation in December last year.

Today, I do not see an upper chamber fighting for what is right. They allowed the Executive Amnesty to go through. The leadership sided with the Democrats to confirm Loretta Lynch. Ted Cruz had the courage to call out McConnell as a liar for promising not to reauthorize the crony ExIm bank, which he did.

Finally, there is some talk about gutting Planned Baby-Killing (I mean, Parenthood)

But this is not enough. These fights needed to happen yesterday. Where is the media onslaught from the US Senators in touch with bloggers and conservative grassroots efforts? The fight to take back this country, to restore constitutional rule, limited government, and individual liberty has just begun, and still there is no fight for what is right. There are still too many elected officials in the US Senate who are listening to Big Business, Big Labor, or Big Green, instead of Little Me and You.

Then came the fundraising call from the NRSC.

The caller wanted to let me know that Democrats have outraised Republicans again this month, even though NRSC outdid the Dems last month.

Then came the rant.

"I will not giving any money until I see conservative principles and leadership in place. I applaud Senator Cruz for calling out Majority Leader. If he does not start leading, then he should step down. Until there is some real conservative action in the US Senate, I am not donating one dime."

The caller hung up on me. I would suggest for anyone who cares about Washington's actions (and inaction), give the National Republican Senatorial Committee more than a piece of your mind.


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