Thursday, July 23, 2015

Blacks Divorcing Obama and the Democratic Party Over Gay Marriage

Shortly after the Supreme Court discovered another right in the Fourteenth Amendment, which somehow trumped the clearly stated rights in the Bill of Rights, black pastors and communities of faith and worship began speaking out against gay marriage, and their need to get more involved politically.

They also sounded off on their deep disappointment with President Obama and the Democratic Party. They are now working with Republican pastors and politicians, as well as reaching out to conservative activists and community organizations.
The Los Angeles Times reported on these black pastors, black couples who will not accept gay marriage. Some interesting take-aways include the disillusion of the black communities with President Obama. How could this President, the hope and change which they had been hoping for, gave way for illicit social and moral policies?

Frankly, President Obama is the epitome of Big (White) Government oppression, and more African-Americans are waking up to see President Obama as the biggest fraud as well as disappointment.

The Los Angeles Times article was called:
'Satan is subtle,' same-sex marriage foes warn as they prepare to fight court ruling

The author reviewed church services and interviews individual pastors, too.

In [Pastor] Miller’s nearby study, several church members gathered after the service to share their unease with the ruling, as a gospel choir practiced within earshot.

“It's an abomination,” he said as the others nodded. “Christians will have to stand up and fight even harder for what's right. The courts have not respected us.”
The Supreme Court has not settled this issue, just as the Court did not prevent uprisings against abortion on demand, despite the Supreme Court's officious Roe v. Wade ruling.
It’s a sentiment expressed by many conservative Christians since the June 26 ruling, a sense that the rest of the country has lost its way.

As 100 evangelical leaders put it in an open letter after the ruling, “Evangelical churches in America now find themselves in a new moral landscape that calls us to minister in a context growing more hostile to a biblical sexual ethic.”

There is a growing hostility to the truth of God's Word, to the truth of science and history, too.
Along with sadness and dismay, many evangelicals expressed guilt and regret that they did not fight harder against what Scripture tells them is a sin.

The Rev. Bill Owens, president of the Memphis-based Coalition of African American Pastors, said conservative ministers are now organizing to oppose the ruling, planning protests in the South as they did during the civil rights era.
Interesting. Black pastors do not view the Gay Rights Movement with the same standing as the Civil Rights movement in which they are their black predecessors participated.

“It's not over. The Supreme Court has gotten things wrong. It got the Dred Scott decision wrong,” Owens said, referring to the 1857 ruling that propped up slavery.
Exactly. In fact, I have written as much (Click here to read the article)

Miller spoke Tuesday afternoon on behalf of about 60 assembled African American Baptist ministers who vowed to stand up against same-sex marriage.

Here is the golden opportunity for the Republican Party to win back the black vote, which they had for decades after the Civil War.
“It may be a right, but it’s not holy. It may be a right, but it’s not God’s word,” Miller said. “... We stand now joined with a unified voice as watchmen on the wall of history to call for a redirection and re-commitment to Christian virtues and Christian morals.”

Rights are God-given, not government-granted. More people need to take up this standard against judicially tyranny. Miller, quoted in this passage, points out the greater need for American freedom fighters to restore recognition of divine goodness as the basis for natural rights.
In the Houston suburbs, the pastor of the more than 3,700-member Sugar Creek Baptist Church quickly addressed the court’s ruling, urging the congregation to repent and hold fast to biblical principles.

He let them know on the church website that a Republican state lawmaker who belongs to the church had sponsored legislation to protect pastors from having to marry same-sex couples, and church volunteers already had started organizing to support similar efforts with an email list and separate website.
Finally, someone in Texas is paying attention. Churches, Christians, men and women who walk by faith and not by sight have the right and authority to speak up and push back. The religious leaders were deeply influential in this country when pushing against the tyranny of King George III and a rogue parliament which refused representation for the American colonies.
“It's our Judeo-Christian values that our country was built and founded upon, our biblical values, that are obviously under attack,” said Sugar Creek’s associate pastor, the Rev. Clif Cummings, 58. “It's a continued eroding taking our nation down a vast, slippery slope.”
Finally, someone has the guts to speak the truth about the foundations of this country.

In his majority opinion for the Supreme Court, Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote that the 1st Amendment guarantees religious organizations and people “may continue to advocate with utmost, sincere conviction that, by divine precepts, same-sex marriage should not be condoned.”
That’s little comfort to some.
Black Churches are Fighting Back (

Not it is not much comfort. Not much at all. There is persecution rising in many places around the country.

Though the Texas governor signed the Pastor Protection Act last month guaranteeing ministers' right to decide whom they marry, Cummings said, “with this last decision by the Supreme Court, I’m not sure we can say anything is concrete anymore.”
But in December 2010, the president said his position was evolving, and he fully endorsed same-sex marriage six months before the 2012 general election.
Exaclty. President Obama jumped on the gay marriage bandwagon only because of intense lobbying and pressure from perverse activist groups. Nothing more.

Fisher, the firewood salesman, noted that he had voted for Obama.

“Ask me if I regret it,” said Fisher, still holding his Bible. “I do. If I could take it back, I would — on this issue alone. We expect him to rule this nation based on the beliefs in this book.”
The others in the pastor’s study agreed.

Wow. Black ministers finally recognizing that President Obama was a bad choice. African-Americans have been voting for Democratic politicians for decades. When are they going to recognize that the Democratic Party has not cared about the plight or the future of black folks? Black politicians take advantage of fear, hatred, and racism, but there are few results following. More African-Americans are joining the Republican Party, looking for a political party which will represent their values and understand their views.

They also were upset by the decision to light the White House rainbow colors after the ruling. That same day, Obama spoke at the funeral for the Rev. Clementa Pinckney, an African American minister gunned down at a church in Charleston, S.C. Surrounded by African American clergy, Obama prayed and burst into song — all after supporting same-sex marriage.
“Singing ‘Amazing Grace’ after he led the charge — what a shame,” Fisher said. “The church is under siege, it’s just coming from different directions.”

“They have tried to attach this to civil rights,” said the pastor’s wife, Rhonda Miller, 52.
“No connection whatsoever,” Fisher said.

“Because they have a choice,” she said of gays and lesbians, though scientists generally believe that is not the case.
This comment especially deserves more attention than it's getting at this time. No, the scientific community has not reached a final consensus about homosexual conduct, whether it's nature or nurture. The Los Angeles Times needs to provide better information than an aside to justify this comment.
Republican is the New Black

They blamed themselves for not standing up sooner, and more forcefully. The Bible told them to love the sinner, hate the sin, but perhaps they had been lax, loved the sinners too much.
The answer is the grace of God, which is  serious matter. Either men and women believe the truth of God's Word, or they don't.
“Satan is subtle,” Rhonda Miller said. “You say, ‘I’ll go along with that,’ and before you know it, it’s an abomination.”

Sylvia Sims, 59, the church office administrator, said Christian families have “made allowances” for gay relatives who came out of the closet. They have accepted gay politicians, including Houston's three-term mayor, Annise Parker. Now Sims sees the ruling as a divine wake-up call.

“President Obama was wrong. Those people were wrong. But they were wrong because we let them be. We let a gay mayor in. And God said, ‘I’m going to show you because you let this in,’ ” Sims said. “God is sick and tired of us as Christians not standing up for what’s right.”

It's time to stand up for the truth. I am glad to read that more pastors and preachers, that men and women of godly character and right believing, are finally recognizing the need to "Punch Back Twice as Hard".

Sims has been a straight-ticket Democratic voter, but said no more. Rhonda Miller agreed.

Wow! More good news.

After the high court’s ruling, Fisher said he initially vowed never to vote for a Democrat again. Now he wants to be a more discerning voter.

“It's going to make us more diligent” as Christian voters, he said, quizzing politicians before elections because, “we got to know where you stand.”

“And not just where you stand on Sunday,” Sims added.

“If we really look at our values, they're more conservative,” the Rev. Miller said. “Democrats treat us like a 2 a.m. phone call: They come by late in the election, they do nothing for the neighborhood, they give speeches and they sell us out.”

Miller noted that during the past year, he formed an alliance with local conservatives, including several white Republican activist ministers, against a Houston equal rights ordinance.

Wow! Wow! Wow! President Obama has been a uniter after all, but against his perverse, regressive agenda, and bringing together men and women of faith tired of Big Government shutting down their views and fighting against their God-given rights and realities.

He rejected the notion that “gay is the new black,” comparisons between gay and civil rights, a movement dear to the 57-year-old church, founded by his uncle in a garage.

Every Republican presidential candidate should turn the above phrase into a campaign slogan and reach out to black communities throughout the country.

In some ways, the minister said, the ruling and other setbacks actually make it a thrilling time to be a Christian in America.

“You never have testimony,” he said, “if you don’t have a test.”

Wow! Amen to that!

Final Reflection

Black voters in this country are breaking up with President Obama and his communistic leaning Democratic Party. Local politicians throughout the South have turned over to the GOP. Black pastors, who have routinely voted Democrat, are rethinking their alliance or giving up on the party altogether.

Republicans, social conservatives, and liberty advocates across the country must reach out to these black communities, respect their concerns, embrace their values, and bring them into a strong, new coalition which will give rise to a new birth of freedom.

A new Civil Rights Movement is breaking out across the country, a movement based on the Bill of Rights, the rights already recognized in the United States Constitution, which the current President and the sometime slanted majority on the US Supreme Court insists on ignoring, redefining, or upending entirely.


  1. Helen shared with me the following remarks about this post:

    "Also, I wanted to thank you for your article about the African Americans and the supreme court decision concerning marriage. I remember when we worked so hard to pass proposition 8 - I don't think we could have done it without the support of the African American community and especially the pastoral and ministerial community."

  2. White Christians have been tired of "Black Congregations" and "White Congregations" in their sects forever. Now, we finally have somethings to rally around. It's a shame it has to be to fight the Devil, but it seems our silence (yeah the white folks haven't been saying much either) has forced GOD's hand into sending us what Heb 12:4 called
    "resisting to blood" or true persecution. Well, now the US Christian must resist
    to blood.