Thursday, July 23, 2015

Chef Basil is Right: Cousin Nanette is a Carpet Bagger

Chef Basil Kimbrew issued the following press release last week, in regards to the Congressional race in the Alameda Corridor to replace Janice Hahn, who is running for LA County Board of Supervisors.

Chef Basil Kimbrew

Nanette Barragan, is a Carpetbagger!!!!! 

No kidding! (but I will dispense with the extra exclamation points.)

For the record, a carpetbagger is a politician who pulls up stakes from his or her home district to seek political office in another city or district because they have a chance of winning the seat. These individuals are ambitious, to a fault in many cases, and are usually out for themselves and do not care about the needs of the communities which they seek to represent.

An article from  the Los Angeles Sentinel follows:

On Tuesday, June 23rd Nanette Barragan the newly appointed Mayor of Hermosa Beach shocked many in the audience by announcing her very early resignation of the position and also was resigning from her position on the City Council at the end of the month.  
I would add that there were sighs of relief, too, from Hermosa Beach residents fed up with Big Green pushing them around, banning plastic bags and raising taxes and fees in the city.
At the time of this resignation, she will have only been Mayor for a total of five weeks. On top of that, she is bailing out of her post as Councilwoman a full two years before her term ends in 2017. 
Barragan's self-serving reasoning for leaving office prior to finishing her term was to focus on her own political ambitions as she campaigns for Congress in California's 44th District.  Hermosa Beach is in California's 33rd Congressional Districts-- one of the wealthiest districts in the nation.
I have been beating this drum for months now. Nanette wants to leave the wealthiest district in LA County, if not the country, and run for a more impoverished area which she has not lived in for. . .years!
Wow. I mean -- Wow! "Self-serving" could not be more evident or apparent. Then again, I wish that the article would make the same points about Aunt Janice, Uncle Izzy, and Cousin Steve playing political musical chairs. Every resident, every voter from San Pedro to South Gate deserves a choice, not a coronation.
Barragan decided to leave the position after being Mayor for only a quick heartbeat. This action raises serious question as to why she even took the position in the first place. 
Yes. Mayors are
One reason many political insiders believes is to garner a better political ballot designation when the ballot goes before the voters in 2016. In a political campaign- especially a competitive Congressional race- ballot titles can be key to giving a candidate an advantage in appealing to voters.
I never considered that. She would be within her rights to list herself as "mayor", even if she served for only a few weeks. Very deceptive, indeed.
Voters who trust the work of local Mayors and believe that the work of a Mayor is valued in a candidate would be led to believe incorrectly that Barragan has that work experience.  It would insinuate that Barragan served her community as Mayor, not just held the seat for a nanosecond-- a mere few weeks. This might give her an undeserved advantage and falsely portray her legitimacy to voters.  
Her resignation also has the potential to cost taxpayers serious money to fill her vacated seat through a special election, a cost in which Barragan appears to care very little about. This is money that could be spent to help fund schools, public safety, and the building of public parks.
Yes. Yes. Yes to all the above. Cousin Nanette is the face of progressive politicians: out for self while claiming to care about the Little Guy; seeking power for themselves while claiming to help the interests of the powerless.  Spending other people's money without any thought to accomplishing anything, but to gain more power. As if!
The people of Hermosa Beach voted for Barragan so that she would promote the interests of the community, not her political career-driven interests.  Now she is abandoning them halfway through her term to run for higher office in a district she doesn't currently live in and one where the needs and concerns of the voters are very different from the needs and concerns of her current Hermosa Beach Community. 
Ouch! Cousin Nanette's campaign appears to be crashing and burning before it even takes flight.
Cousin Nanette: Carpetbagger
Chef Basil is right: Cousin Nanette is a carpetbagger, exposing the face of the Progressive Left in California and Los Angeles County: out for money, power, prestige, and self-promotion at the expense of everyone else.

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